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School is back on after fall break and we are already feeling the rush of due dates and impending finals. Right now we’re just wishing for something to fit this vibe or match our inner energy. Especially for a lot of us ex/post emo’s, music fills that void, but your playlists might be getting stale. So let’s look at some music recommendations that can inject life back into them. Here are nine bands for the young ex-emo to incorporate into their playlists


  1. Bayside

  • American emo band started in 2000,  from Queens, New York. For those of you who like music that is reminiscent of early 2000s emo music with a mixture of influences from early rock, this bands for you.

  • Song recommendations: Don’t Call Me Peanut, Boy, New Flesh


  1. Circa Survive

  • American rock band started in 2004, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you like more indie-rock based music you’ll be sure to like Circa Survive’s tone and emotional singer.
  • Song recommendations: Living Together, Get Out, Imaginary Enemy


  1. Jimmy Eat World

  • American rock band started in 1993, from Mesa, Arizona. I confess that I usually just listen to their older hits, but honestly, that’s a mistake. This band’s current music kinda has a 70s indie rock vibe, with a modern feel that eases you to groove with it.
  • Song recommendations: The Middle, You With Me, Integrity Blues


  1. Manchester Orchestra

  • American indie rock band started in 2004, from Atlanta, Georgia. If a band with emotional ballads is for you then look no further. Manchester Orchestra has a lead singer with a beautiful voice, and music with a lullaby feel.

  • Song recommendations: The Sunshine, I Can Feel a Hot One, I Know How To Speak


  1. Tiger Army

  • American Psychobilly band, started in 1996, from Los Angeles, California. If you like the original rock from the 50s to 60’s era, dude, this band is for you. Tiger Army does a great job of reviving the early surfer rock feel that rock derived from and bringing it into the present through their psychobilly foundations.
  • Song recommendations: Cover of Lana Del Ray’s Dark Paradise, Temptation, When the Tide Comes In


  1. Set It Off

  • American rock band started in 2008, Tampa, Florida. Set It Off is well settled in rock, but they also have a good influence from American boy bands. Their music tends to have beats or a breakdown that are very reminiscent of the late 90’s/early 2000’s boy band sound. But if you’re not a fan of American boy bands, don’t worry. I promise they are plenty edgy enough.
  • Song recommendations: Why Worry, Killer in the Mirror, Bleak December


  1. Billie Eilish

  •  An American singer/songwriter who usually sticks to the electronic-pop genre. Regardless of where she is genre-wise you can’t listen to her lyrics and not feel a little emo. Fun fact her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.
  • Song recommendations: I don’t want to be you anymore, Hostage, Lovely ft. Khalid


  1. X Ambassadors

  • American rock band, from Ithaca, New York. Started in 2009. While they are a rock band, I dare you to listen to “Unconsolable” without crying, because I couldn’t. The lyrics are poetic, the singer’s voice is blessed, and overall emotionally guiding with an influence of peace obtained through accessing locked emotions.
  •  Song recommendations: Unconsolable, Unsteady, Jungle
  1. Young the giant

  • American rock band formed in Irvine, California in 2004. This band does have rock influences, but they lean more towards indie, and usually with an upbeat tempo and unusual instrumentation. And maybe some minor influence from the Beatles.
  • Song recommendations: Mr. Know-It-All, Anagram, Mind Over Matter


Hey! Im 22, an artist, and aspiring Graphic Designer. I love God, my family, people, plants, and art. And I hope to make a difference with anything that's posted on here. Im also a major nerd. Check out my social media: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_strobele_art/ , https://grey-deer.tumblr.com/ -Rebecca M. Strobele
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