7 Ways To Dress For the Holidays Without Looking Tacky


It’s a festive time of year, and many of us want to express that in our fashion choices. Unfortunately, though, holiday dressing seems to just descend into the pits of ugly (and I do mean ugly!) Christmas sweaters. And while we all love a good throwback to what Grandma might (might!) have considered fashionable, some of us would like to incorporate a little Christmas cheer without giving up entirely on scoring a kiss for New Year's Eve. So, here are some ways to add a little festivity to your looks this season without turning into the future Mrs. Claus!


  1. Get adventurous with a good red lip! Red is the main Christmas color after all, so what better way to incorporate it into a look than to have it on your face!

  2. Red may be a bit garish to splash all over the rest of your outfit, but a good maroon or wine red can get the job done as well! Pair a wine red sweater with a pair of dark wash jeans for a more casual look or go more formal with a maroon dress.

  3. Okay okay, my last tip on red. Red high heels. Yes, I’m going there. Especially when paired with red lipstick, red heels can make even a classic all black ensemble look seasonal and festive! Of course, you don’t have to go for a pump or stiletto heel. Heck, even red Chuck Taylors will do!

  4. Add a touch of gold glitter to your eyes and outfits! After all, the wise man didn’t bring little baby Jesus silver; he brought him GOLD! So go big or go home, just like the wise man, and give people some gold at your next chance to show some holiday flair!

  5. Don’t be afraid to get a little kitschy! A good red and white stripe or tinsel themed outfit can still be cute and tasteful. Just remember that when it comes to kitsch, a little goes a long, long way! So be mindful of what you pair with any loud Christmas-themed patterns

  6. This is a bit more involved, but you can go for a little Christmas movie-themed closet cosplay! You can try adapting a Christmas movie character’s outfit into something fairly recognizable but not too over the top. You don’t need to come to an even in an elf onesie, but you could probably sneak by with a toned down version of say, this icon look.Maybe add a denim jacket and blue knit beanie, and maybe some red and white rings or bracelets to this long sleeve red jumpsuit here, and you've got something!

  7. I guess this one is almost a bit obligatory, but it still bears being said. The best fashion tip is just to like what you wear. So if you want to bust out a tacky Christmas sweater, complete with flashing lights, tassels, pompoms, and a cowbell, go for it. You do you, boo boo. After all, any style looks best when worn with a smile and genuine confidence, so as long as you step out there and just completely own whatever goofy Christmas get-up you have on, few people will judge you. And those that do? Well, they don’t matter so just tell 'em “Merry Christmas!” and keep on going!

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