7 Ups And Downs Of Owning A Cat


  1. You love them a lot, but most cats don't want your affection.


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Cats will almost never give the attention you want when you want it. They store all of it and save it for the time when you're busy writing a paper or going to work.


  1. When they give you affection, you feel like you're the most important person in the world.

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Cats will pity you. Accept their pity as affection.


  1. You're always spoiling them, but they don't appreciate it.


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Literally every time. Whether it be toys or treats, cats just never want what you buy. Why is that?


  1. They are so cute when they manipulate you into getting what they want.


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You know that they're just pretending to like you so you'll give them more food than their diet requires, but you still fall for it every time.


  1. When they fall asleep on you, you will not move.

From <https://pics.me.me/when-ur-cat-falls-asleep-in-ur-lap-and-you-4887196.png>


Have a will ready.


  1. If you don't get them declawed, they will dig their claws into you when you hold them.


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Ouch, but also aww….


  1. Sometimes they'll bring you gifts of half-dead (or fully dead) birds or mice.


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It's even worse when they bring them into your home and then they expect you to kill it. No thanks.


  1. They never like the bed you buy for them.


From <http://lifewithdogsandcats.com/wp-content/uploads/Calvin-I-dont-always-dog-bed-meme-100.jpg>


Don't even bother.


  1. They can meow a lot and be generally annoying.


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Sometimes they act like you don't exist, other times they act like you're the only thing that does.


7. You love them anyway.

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I mean, in the words of Drake, "What am I gonna do? Say no?"