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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Regent chapter.

As a semester progresses, procrastination seems practically unavoidable. No matter how much we plan, there is just always something better to do than homework. In my case, procrastination is something that happens when I am tired, burnt out or hungry.

Being a senior, I have some experience with procrastination. I also have experience on how to prevent it from taking control of your schoolwork. Below, is a list of 6 things I do when I feel procrastination knocking on my door.

1. Make Tea or Coffee

Procrastination usually comes when I am stressed. I get overwhelmed, my anxiety rises, and all I want to do is run from all my essays. My major is Christian Ministry and on average, I write about 50-100 pages worth of assignments a semester. In the fall I wrote about 150.

Making a cup of tea or coffee can really help someone relax. Coffee also has some caffeine in it (even decaf), so when you make yourself a cup, you are also giving yourself a little boost of energy. Having a hot cup of something will help soothe your stress!

2. Take a Bath

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bubble bath? For me, when I am up to my head in papers, taking a 15-20 minute soak in the tub helps me relax and refocus my mind. Not thinking about an assignment and taking a little time for self-care can help that writer’s block float away (pun intended).

3. Make Food

During stressful parts of the semester, it is easy to forget about making food. But the reason procrastination could be taking its full affects is because your body is actually hungry and your mind is subconsciously focused on wanting food. You can also get cranky when you do not eat enough. So, if you are feeling cranky and stressed, try eating an extra snack or an actual meal. Who doesn’t like food, right?

4. Take a Short Nap

Sleep is another aspect of life that seems to disappear when you step onto a college campus. School, friends, social events, and jobs can lead to limited sleep. 4-6 hours of sleep can become normal, when we should be getting the recommended 7-8. If you feel like you can’t concentrate, try taking a 15-30 minute nap. It will help you refocus and possibly give you a boost of energy to get that last bit of an assignment done.

5. Do Something Fun

My favorite thing to do when I procrastinate is to do something fun. It is important to give yourself rewards for all your hard work and if you are in the middle of a stressful season of school, you made need a small break.

So what can you do to treat yourself?

Go out with friends. Go for a walk. Ride a bike or workout at the gym. Write a song. Do anything that you enjoy doing and allow yourself to enjoy it. I promise you, you will feel refreshed after a little bit of fun and will be able to tackle the assignment that’s giving you trouble.

6. Complete a Small Assignment

Sometimes big assignments can overwhelm me to the point where I just avoid them completely. However, completing a small assignment can help me feel accomplished and motivate me to tackle bigger assignments.

I hope these six things can help you complete your schoolwork!