5 K-Pop Artists For Chill Autumn Vibes



If you’re new to the world of K-music, you’re probably most familiar with the more hype, bubble-gum pop, fast-paced songs and artists that usually top the charts in America. And while they can be a lot of fun, those kinds of songs are often more suited to summer beach trips and parties with friends. But since we finally hit the really cool weather and it is very much fall, I figured you might want some more chill, autumn vibes to listen to at this time of year. So, here are just a few ones that I love:



Honestly, this is just a great band for all seasons, but Oh Hyuk’s soft, smoky voice is especially soothing when it’s listened to on a rainy autumn day. Oh Hyuk has a lot of songs entirely in English, so this is great for people who want to have some idea of what they’re listening to. That said, he does usually use that comforting poetic, half-nonsense style of lyrics that makes most of the band’s songs ambiguous enough to fit just about any mood.

Songs to try: TOMBOY, Comes and Goes



Dean is another great artists for those who want to understand more of what they’re listening to, as he does often write all English songs. His voice is buttery, smooth, and can definitely croon away your problems as you walk through crunchy leaves on a chilly day. Dean also incorporates some first-rate R&B beats so prepare to feel a little blue but oh, so, relaxed and chill whenever you check him out!

Songs to try: D (half moon), instagram


The Rose

Like Hyukoh, The Rose is a band and therefore their music could fall more under the “alternative” umbrella. That said, the lead singer has a warm, emotional voice that wraps you up like a chunky knit sweater. The addition of a keyboard to this band gives their pounding drums and guitars a softer, sweeter feeling. If you’re going through any kind of tough situation this autumn, The Rose is the perfect band to lock yourself into your room and play as you lay on the carpet and think about life.

Songs to try: BABY, sorry



I recommend Taemin for rainy autumn days. It's an almost surreally happy experience to sit in a car at night, with the rain coming down, listening to him. His voice is light and airy, but sweet, and his beats are just bass-y enough to mix well with the pit-pat of raindrops on windows. And his songs, while usually mostly in Korean, have just the right kind of melody to have you happily humming along even if you can’t pronounce the words.

Songs to try: Stone Heart, Day and Night


Zion T. 

I put Zion T. last on this list because he is perhaps a little less accessible. He delves more into the experimental alleyway between R&B and jazz so sometimes his songs are not easy listening. He thrives off of surprising you with silences, discordant beats, and brass instruments. I’d recommend Zion T. for long car rides, when you want to stay focused on the road but also have something of interest on the radio.

Songs to try: Cinema, Hello Tutorial