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5 Hairstyles That Will Break You Out Of This Winter Funk

I am unashamedly much more of a winter girl than a summer girl. Any time I can wear oversized sweaters, denim jackets, and boots, I am very very happy. However, It is now March, and even I am tired of cold, rainy, gray weather. I would love a bit (just a bit mind you!) of sun to cut through the fog of seasonal depression and change the generally miserable mood. Unfortunately, the sun works on its own schedule, regardless of whatever we want. So, in order to make a little of our own change, here are five hairstyles to give a try!

1) Shave it all off, baby!

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Full disclosure, this is my favorite. I have done it before and have just decided to do it again! Not only is it no muss, no fuss, but there’s something a bit poetic about giving your head a new start just as spring is about to give the world a new start. Poetics aside, this is also just a great practical choice. If you are still working on a New Year’s resolution for saving money or making better use of your time, then this style can certainly help with that!

2) Go gray!

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Keep it fresh and light by giving gray hair a chance! Now, admittedly, this hairstyle is pretty much the opposite of the previous one since it is not cheap and it does require consistent up-keep. So, if you’re going to go for it, you want to make sure that you really want this look. However, it is a great look, one sure to turn heads and give you a completely different look. One cool thing about such a drastic color change is how much it will change not just how your hair looks (obviously), but also how the rest of your wardrobe interacts with the new color.

3) Just wash it and go!

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Natural hair is just not easy. Not if you want the bouncing, well-hydrated, perfectly defined curls that everyone pushes for. Whether you’re twisting, braiding, knotting, or who knows what else, styling your natural hair can be a huge pain. Trust me, I know. However, most girls with natural hair unfortunately still feel like we need to do all of this just to be doing being natural right. But I want to suggest scrapping all of that, at least for a little while. Try a good old fashioned wash-n-go, with no teasing, picking, or other fussing. Just let yourself be nappy and happy!

4) Meet me in the middle!

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This may be a bit controversial but, I’m gonna put this here on the list. Middle parts have been used for evil most of the time, but I think, as shown above, they can be used for good too! Sure, this look may not work for every face shape, but the best thing about it is that you can try it real quick in front of your mirror at home and, if you hate it, you can just as quickly go back to your usual part. Considering that this is such an easy, painless, and free style change-up, it can’t hurt to give it a try, right?

5) Keep your chin up!
Yeah, I had to put that lil pun there for ya. But, no, seriously, chin-length hair is super cute and chic right now! It frames your face and can look good both neat and a lil messy (as seen above). So, it’s basically perfect for the girl on the go. It can clean up for any of your business casual events but keep you light and free enough to tear up on a skateboard with your friends on the weekend. 

And, I do mean what I said there. Keep your chin up! If you struggle with seasonal depression or just depression in general, one of the best things to do is to shake things up. Don’t get stuck in rut. So whether you’re changing something superficial and fun, like your hairstyle, or something more important and difficult, like a habit or mindset, remember to just keep going. Keep making changes. Keep doing new things. Just keep going.

A senior English major at Regent University. Mostly just a word nerd who also happens to be in love with film and K-pop. Always in search of new experiences, food, and friends. Feel free to come say hi on Twitter or Instagram
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