4 Ways Regent's Academic Support Center Might Save You

Ah, the fall semester: it begins with the lingering warmth of summer for the first few weeks before heaping midterm projects, speeches and papers on unsuspecting students. 

However, there is hope: the Academic Support Center has math and writing tutoring available for students to use up to three times per week! Here are four way you might not have known the ASC can help you:

1. Time Management

You can schedule up to one appointment per day, up to three days a week, which means you can set goals for yourself before a project is due. Making an appointment with a coach to review the work you've finished so far is a great way to keep yourself accountable!

2. Brainstorming

The writing center offers brainstorming appointments, so even if you don't have an outline yet, the coaches can help you think through your research and clarify your thoughts. 

3. Math Tutoring

The math center provides 45-55 minute appointments for students in MATH 101, 102, 201, and 211. While they don't help with quizzes or exams, they can explain concepts and help students work through example problems.

4. Style and Formatting

Stuck on formatting Turabian footnotes? Confused about APA citations? The writing center coaches can help, and they also have a whole webpage of helpful resources, including sample papers and formatting checklists. Remember to send your paper to [email protected] 30 minutes before your appointment!

Follow this link to schedule an ASC appointment!

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