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3 Black Beauty Gurus You Should Know



These days almost everyone follows at least one beauty guru/influencer, and I think that’s great. Those influencers get to live their dream with our support meanwhile we get honest make-up reviews and beauty inspiration. Well at least, that’s how it’s supposed to go, but unfortunately, it does not always turn out that way. However, in a world of secret brand-deals, beauty videos edited in post, and other types of dishonesty, there are some beauty gurus who can be counted on to tell the truth, entertain us, and look amazing doing so. Here are just a few that are some of my personal favorites. And who knows, the could give you some inspiration for looks and/or gifts this holiday season!


  1. KennieJD

KennieJD, or Kendall, really is that girl. She loves big bold make-up, but she always keeps it classy. She has flawless skin, but she not only regularly drops her skin routine, but she is full-disclosure about any other professional skin treatments she receives. Kendall uses all of her own money to buy products -no influencer-only packages here! She does usually focus on Korean beauty products, or K-beauty for short, however, she has recently been really branching out and reviewing a wide variety of make-up lines. So, no matter your price range, you can probably find something you’d like in one of her videos. Kendall is on the more light-skinned side, so if you have a lighter skin tone, she is a great influencer to check out!


  1. Nyma Tang

If you are a dark skinned girl yourself and looking for more gurus who actually know the struggle of not being able to find a foundation let alone a nude palette that actually works, look no further than Nyma Tang! Nyma is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely honest about what does not work with her skin tone. But hey, even if she wasn’t, it is all too obvious what just does not cut it. So, if you’re tired of spending tons of money on products that don’t even work on your skin, Nyma is the guru for you! That said, she does generally review some more pricey stuff, but she also has no problem checking out a more accessible drugstore cosmetic line if it has potential.


  1. Miles Jai

Miles Jai is a male beauty guru, which is often kind of hit or miss for me. This is because I feel that it does me no good to try to make my female face look like a male face trying to look like a female face. Confused yet? Me too. That said, Miles is still an awesome influencer to check out if you want to see more cosplay, costume style make-up. I may not go to him for a casual first date look, but if you want to slay a costume party, he is your man! Also, Miles does not have the stereotypical “perfect” skin, so for those of us with some lumps, bumps, spots, and such, he has some great tips on coverage and concealing.


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