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3 Basic Things Every Adult Woman Should Own

Okay, we’re starting small here. The first thing is a bra wash bag. Oh yeah, we’re going there. A bra wash bag is a little bag that is usually made from mesh. You can usually fit one or two bras in there, so you may have to get two, depending on how often you change out your bras and what your laundry schedule is. But anyway, the bra wash bag is absolutely revolutionary, especially for any busty girls out there. We all know that bras, especially good ones, are expensive. They can knock you down a whole $80 bucks if you have a bigger chest or just want something really quality. So whenever that $30-$80 bra comes out of the washer with hooks all bent out of shape, it can really leave you feeling a bit bent out of shape as well. There’s nothing worse than a bra that is new and in excellent condition suddenly becoming useless because of broken hooks. So, the bra wash bag helps you wash your bras without ruining them. You just put your bras in and then pop the bag into the washer with the rest of your clothes and voila! Your bras will last longer and stay in better condition longer! You can thank me later.


The next thing is a decent comforter. And no, I’m not talking about a supportive friend; I’m talking about the cover for your bed. Most of us grow up with garish, barbie pink duvets covered in tacky flowers and other busy prints. And, I’m sorry if you still have some fondness for that, but that comforter is bringing down any level of class your room can have. No matter how neatly you arrange things, how many striking accent pieces you splurge on, or how many perfectly curated gallery walls you put together, a childish comforter will always make your room look like it belongs to a child. That is not to say you much buy a plain black comforter and stifle any kind of expression, no, not at all! You can still go for a bright color. Heck, even that barbie pink I disparaged earlier can be worked into some semblance of class. However, if you are going for something very bright, maybe go for a solid color or a very understated pattern. If patterns are more your deal, then maybe go for a more understated color instead. Or focus more on textures and pick a faux fur duvet to go with your satin or sequined pillows (all in a complementary color palette of course). Either way, a thoughtfully picked out duvet can really up the adult level of your room.

The last one is a decent purse/wallet. Now, I’m not saying you need to head to the nearest luxury goods store and drop several hundred on a fancy, name brand bag! Heck, you could even go to a Walmart or Target and get yourself something that practical yet stylish. It shouldn’t feature any big slogans, bling, or a crazy pattern. Instead, try for something slim and neat, not bulky and stuffed full of random stuff. It should be a good solid color that goes well with whatever colors you wear most. And, most of all, it should fit you and the image you are trying to project. If you want to be seen as a competent businesswoman who knows what she’s doing, you’ll need to get something that fits that image.

Obviously, these are all small things, but I hope that they help you put together the kind of life that makes you feel happy and confident!

A senior English major at Regent University. Mostly just a word nerd who also happens to be in love with film and K-pop. Always in search of new experiences, food, and friends. Feel free to come say hi on Twitter or Instagram
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