10 Non-Educational Things I’ve Learned at Regent

Here at Regent U., you learn a lot of educational things that help you enter into the field you are passionate about. But school also teaches you about life in ways you never thought.

Here are some of the “non educational” things I’ve learned while at Regent.

1. How to get ready for the day in 10 minutes;

2. A glimpse of what adulthood really looks like (cooking, managing time and money, resolving conflict, and sacrificing for others);

3. Geese can be killer animals;

4. The Four Horseman statutes do exist, although I have never seen them;

5. Laundry isn’t as bad as people make it out to be;

6. The artistry of locking and unlocking doors (courtesy of the Library study rooms);

7. That there is such a thing as an unconditional, loving community that encourages you when you’re down;

8. It’s okay to not always be okay because there are people to lift you up when you’re down;

9. God does work through others and you’ll always have what you need;

10. I’ll always have a Regent family, even if we’re miles apart.

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