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10 Gorgeous Women of Color Models You Should Know

I have had an interesting in fashion since I was just a little black girl growing up in Africa, but there was something that I rarely saw in that worlds as I grew up: people like me. I didn’t see wide noses and thick lips and thick thighs. I didn’t see people like one of my closest friends growing up, Asian and proud of it. I didn’t see her eyes and her nose anywhere. But now I see them, more and more, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have since made it a point to follow blogs and accounts that post nothing but amazing people of color (POC) models, and I have already felt my horizons broaden on what is truly beautiful. Here are just a few amazing women of color (WOC) models that I have found that I absolutely adore!

1. Litza Veloz by Fernando Gomez for Emirates Woman Magazine –  April 2019

2. Hiandra Martinez by Tina Tyrell for Harper’s Bazaar UK – April 2019 

3. Nasri Ashkir by Timothy Rosado

4. Devita Ravani by Jason Pratana

5. Alek Wek by Hugo Comte for Vogue Portugal – April 2019

6. Chawntell Kulkarni by Hedvig Jenning for The Guardian – Oct , 2017 


Diandra Forrest by Sabina Miklowitz for Lady Gunn Magazine – January 2019

8. Paloma Elsesser by Cass Bird for Vogue México – April 2019

9. Kushi Bisto by Karabo Tlokotsi

10.  Devon Aoki by Lee Jenkins, October 2000


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