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Color of the Season: Mint

Now that spring is in the air, mint is all the rage this season! Whether you’re looking for mint dresses, tops, pants– you name it—it’s probably sold in a mint color.

Below is a quick guide to get you racking up your very own mint stash (of all shades!) in no time:

Where to Buy Mint Dresses

Mint dresses are usually sold everywhere. My personal favorite site to use to shop is Lulus.com because of its awesome style. For occasions, like formal (for all you sorority girls), Lulus has a wide variety of styles, including some amazingly cute (and not too pricey!) mint dresses. Lulus loves sales so shop mint til’ you drop!

Where to Find Mint Tops


For some even more affordable mint clothing, Love Culture has a bunch of mint tops to choose from.  Mint tanks are my personal mint fav!

Where to Get Mint Pants

Ok—you get it. Mint is everywhere! But, for some especially sweet mint pants, check out American Apparel. Out of your budget?! H&M has similar styles for just $14.95.

Check out some more mintspirations below!

Angel Branco. Editor in Chief of Her Campus Ramapo.
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