Campus Celebrity: Amanda Fama

For senior Amanda Fama, there is no bigger rush of excitement than performing in front of a crowd. You might be able to catch Fama performing her music at events and fundraisers on and off campus, in classrooms, dorms, and anywhere else with an audience ready to listen. Fama performs a mix of original songs, as well as a variety of covers ranging from classic bands to newly released Billboard 100 hits.


Fama grew up with music—she even recalls going to bars near her hometown of Barnegat as a child with her family to watch her father perform. Amanda’s musical career started on her 12th birthday when she received a guitar from her parents and her father began to teach her to play.


Since learning her first full song at age 13, Fama’s career as an artist has taken off: She has won numerous contests in her high school, hometown, and on campus at Ramapo College. Her fame has recently skyrocketed, and she now has nearly 1,400 “likes” on her Facebook page. Fama released her first EP A Little Bit Different ) in 2012 and released her first album this month entitled Here to Stay.


Her Campus[QC1]  was able to chat with Fama to ask her a few questions about her background, musical inspiration, and plans for the future.

Her Campus: How did you become so involved in music?

Amanda Fama: I got involved through my father. He has played guitar his whole life. My mom sings, and my sister plays trombone in the Kutztown University Marching Band.


HC: What instruments do you play?

AF: I play guitar and piano. Guitar was first, and I just play piano for fun. I don’t really know too much of the theory behind it though.


HC: What was your motivation to work hard enough to get to the place you’re at today?

AF: At a young age, I quickly learned that singing, playing guitar, and writing songs was my passion, and I was raised in a family where you should go after your dreams and not give up no matter what. So, with family support, I committed a lot of my time to performing, writing, and singing, and now I am just playing as many gigs as I can outside of school. It’s a big load, but it’s worth it.


HC: Do you have any set ways you practice music and write your songs?

AF:  I usually practice really late at night. I'm not sure why. I think that's when I am most creative. I usually just run through a few songs. Sometimes I practice for 20 minutes and sometimes I lose track of time and play for hours. I don't really have a set way of writing songs. Sometimes, they are completely spur of the moment, and it will take me 15 minutes to finish a song.  I remember writing my song "Angel Face" in ten minutes at two in the morning. Other songs take a few days. I’ll write the verse one day and the chorus the next. It all depends on how I am feeling and how strongly I am feeling about the song at the time. Most times, the more emotion, the quicker it is to write the song.


HC: Do you get nervous before you perform and how do you handle making mistakes while performing?

AF: I used to get nervous before performing, but now I just get really excited! I love the feeling before a show! When I'm performing and make a mistake, I just pretend I never even made one so the audience doesn't realize it. When you make a face or stop playing completely, it gets way too obvious. I just pretend it didn't happen and get back on track.


HC: What are your plans for after graduation?

AF: After I graduate, I want to take a few years and focus only on music and working. I want to play as many gigs as I can and keep writing. I want to commit as much time to music as possible and see how far I can get. I want to go on some college tours next year and play as many festivals I can throughout the summer.

Amanda has undeniable talent, an easy-going personality, and a growing fan base.  She is definitely someone to keep an eye on, so hopefully we get to see more of her in the future! Check out her facebook page and her website for more information.