CAMPUS CELEB: Megan Kierce

This sister of Delta Phi Epsilon has a voice like no other! Singing at all kinds of events, and winning some pretty great titles are her greatest treasures!


Her Campus: What sparked your passion for singing?

Megan Kierce: Honestly, I couldn’t tell you! I’ve been in love with music since I was very young. I come from a big Irish family, and spent the first 13-or-so years of my life as a competitive Irish Dancer. My mom always says I’ve just always had music in my soul.


HC: Did anyone particularly inspire you or sign you up for it?

MK: A friend of mine signed me up for a talent show in middle school because she was the only one I used to sing around! I used to be painfully shy about it but now you cant get me to stop!


HC: What’s your favorite music to sing?

MK: This may sound weird, but the national anthem is by far my favorite thing to sing. I did it for sporting events all throughout high school! But, my favorite genre of music to sing is country!


HC: What was your overall favorite event that you performed at on campus?

MK: Freshman year, I participated in Theta Phi Alpha’s annual Say What Karaoke with my biological sister Joanna. We sang a song and Irish step-danced and we came in third place! Besides that one, winning A-E-Cutie-Pi this past February was also a great time!


HC: Do your sorority sisters always come out and support you?

MK: Yes! My sisters are an amazing support system and I love looking out to the crowd and seeing them all on their feet screaming for me! Especially my big, Kristin Rocco, who is always taping my performances on her phone!


HC: Would you consider doing a sing-a-long with your boyfriend?

MK: I would love too, but something tells me he wouldn’t be as excited about it!

You can check out Meg and her awesome vocals at the next big Greek event. We have no doubt she’ll knock your socks off!