In seventh grade, Caisy Falzone begged her parents for a guitar for Christmas. Her wish was granted, as she got the guitar, along with lessons. Though she had to give up dance, she knew from young that music was a passion of hers and she had to pursue it.

After four years of lessons, young Caisy placed numerous talents shows and has since been nominated for many awards through the Jersey Acoustic Music Awards.

Caisy can be found writing new songs of her own or covering other musicians on her youtube channel. Her music has a unique feel to it; it doesn’t sound like anything you’ve typically heard before.

Her Campus was able to sit down and chat with Caisy to find out a little bit more about her:

HC: Is anyone in your family musically talented?

CF: Not really. Everyone in my family, except for me, is super athletic. However one of my brothers plays drums.

HC: What instruments do you play, what was the first?

CF: I guess I’ve been singing all of my life! I was always the life of family parties, gathering the cousins together and singing and dancing to Spice Girls songs. I dabbled around on the piano when I was 7 or 8, but when I was taking guitar lessons, my teacher gave me the option to switch on and off from piano and guitar each week. The way I was taught was to learn by ear, so I’m pretty decent at the piano now. I also play ukulele! It’s cute and fun, and super easy!

HC: Do you have a set way you practice playing or writing songs?

CF: I’m going to have to say no. It depends, really! On my mood, the timing, the event I’m practicing for.... I’m more of a go with the flow kinda gal. As for songs, it really depends on the song. Some, I’ve been able to spit out in ten minutes and others are still in the making. Earlier this year I met someone who really inspired me, and I wrote almost ten songs about the journey I went through in a matter of a few months. I think some of my best songs are the ones that evoke a lot of emotion. Those usually tend to be the songs that flowed right out.

HC: Do you get nervous before you perform?

CF: Not at all! I get so excited and anxious because it’s something that I LOVE doing.

HC: How do you handle mistakes you may make when performing?

CF: Ya just gotta keep going and stay confident and nobody will even realize you messed up! But sometimes I’ll straight up forget how to play one of my songs or completely blank on the lyrics, so then I’ll have to stop, but I more or less turn it into a joke and everyone laughs and thinks, “hey, she’s quirky and real, everyone makes mistakes,” (Or at least I hope they think that way!)

HC: After you graduate, what are your current plans?

CF: To attempt to find a job! But honestly, I’d like to get into event planning/coordinating or public relations. I like keeping calendars and making plans, so it’s right up my alley.

HC: What is your advice to others who are trying to pursue music?

CF: DO IT! You can’t hesitate. You need to chase your dreams and give it your all! Don’t listen to the “haters”, only you are capable of holding yourself back.

Keep an eye out for more videos and original songs by Caisy-- we know we are!  Also, be sure to check her out on November 10th at The Bitter End in NYC and more locally right here on campus at open-mics and greek philanthropy events. We cannot wait to see what else Caisy has in store!

Check out her Facebook page for more!!