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Run Your Social Media Accounts Like a Celeb!


5 Ways to Run Your Social Media Accounts Like A Celebrity

Wouldn’t it be nice if we woke up one day with the perks of a celebrity: expensive wardrobe to wear, beautiful penthouse suite to live in, and a really smart publicist to consult? Although as college women we aren’t quite there (yet), strategically using the powerful resource of social media can help us land amazing jobs as our first step to success after college graduation. It can only help us to start thinking like these coveted celebrity publicists who have so skillfully used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to integrate their clients into our lives. We’ll be one step closer to standing out to future employers who are checking our online presence before we’re even called in for an interview.

1.     Limit the scandal

Several celebrities have gotten themselves into serious trouble because of poorly phrased posts or scandalous pictures that have surfaced the Internet. While Twitter may seem like the perfect outlet to rant about a professor and Instagram is the infamous home of sexy selfies, keep anything that could raise eyebrows far away from your accounts. You never know what innocent comment you never thought twice about could bother someone who was originally interested in hiring you. There is no such thing as the benefit of the doubt on social media, so dropping F-bombs and showing too much skin is guaranteed to cheapen your first, and maybe only, impression. Remember, everything you post is not only searchable, but it’s also permanent whether or not you’ve deleted it. The classier you can get your point across, the more respect people will have for what you have to say or how you look.

2.     Party like a lady

I think it’s safe to say it isn’t necessary to name celebrities who are known to party pretty hard; we are never surprised to hear they’ve had a bit too much to drink, and the drunker they appear, the more fun of them we make. Unfortunately, employers think the same of us as college women if we flood our social media accounts with more content of us cheesing at bars than hanging out with friends sober. Although Friday night’s sloppy pictures won’t grace the cover of Star magazine Monday morning, don’t assume they will go unnoticed. You would be surprised by how quickly your resume will make its way into the garbage if your priorities don’t seem to be in the right place. Posts proudly describing keg stands and horrible hangovers are a huge red flag as well; it’s definitely nothing to brag about in the professional world. Go out, enjoy yourself, and take pictures of the night, but try to keep the red cups to a minimum on social media.

3.     Create a guaranteed edge

To seem bolder than the usual tweets about going for much needed manicures and loving the warm weather, write about something of more substance every now and then. When something important or tragic surfaces the news, celebrities are quick to express their sympathy and concern through their social media accounts. Start taking the opportunity to show that you know what is happening in society by dedicating a few tweets each week to current events. Keep in mind the news you write about doesn’t always have to be sad – write about what speaks to you individually! Talk about the latest trends from your favorite fashion blog or a really inspiring interview on Good Morning America.  A future boss will be so impressed to know that you are not only keeping up with the news, but you are professional enough to reflect on it to your peers.

4.     Be your own brand

One of the most important parts of a celebrity publicist’s job is exposing their clients’ great accomplishments to the media, no matter how famous they already are. Whether a celeb has released a new album or donated a few hours to a charity, we hear about it through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Take the time to follow their lead and essentially sell yourself by posting about your own success to receive credit for your hard work. Of course you would want people to know that you volunteered for Habitat for Humanity last weekend, ran a half-marathon, or hosted your own school radio show. Think of social media as a way to show off all the great things you do that couldn’t fit on your resume or to prove you enjoy trying new things. Painting a positive picture of yourself sends the message that you can balance work with play, a quality an employer would love to see.

5.     Remember, you’re human

Social media isn’t about portraying yourself to be a meticulously perfect person at all times, although though it would be nice. Even celebrities get to take breaks from their professional lives and enjoy some down time. You’re going to be tagged in embarrassing pictures, tweet about watching PLL instead of doing your homework, and tell sarcastic jokes that unfortunately come at someone else’s expense (so choose wisely.) Part of what makes us feel comfortable with posting these comments is that we get likes, retweets, and, best of all, laughs from our peers because they can relate to us, your future bosses included. Making your social media accounts more professional isn’t supposed to drain your personality from your pages the slightest bit. Instead, the trick is, much like celebrities, to blend the good with the realistic to show we are well-rounded women after all. 

Hi I'm Marisa. I'm from Westchester, New York and I'm 21 years old. I am studying Public Relations at Quinnipiac University and I love running, baking, and shopping.
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