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PJ Ruttura

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Quinnipiac chapter.


Name: P.J. Ruttura

Age: 19

Major: Business Undeclared

Hometown: Seaford, NY

Relationship status: Single

Campus Involvement: ZBT and New Blue Rugby

Three words that describe you: tall, dark, smiley



Favorite Song: No Such Thing by John Mayer

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight

Favorite TV show: Blue Mountain State

Favorite Class: History

Fun Fact: My family owns a vineyard


Celebrity Crush: Victoria Justice

Dream Date: Gondola dinner ride through the canals of Venice

What you look for in a girl: brunettes, short girls, long hair

Any deal breakers: six packs, high maintenance girls

Advice for the QU ladies? Don’t try so hard, don’t wear so much makeup , you’re beautiful the way you are.