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Pin Your Way to Super Bowl Sunday

As you may (or may not) already know, Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos goes down this Sunday.  Whether you’re a hardcore sports junkie, an amateur football follower, or simply like the game for the muscular men in tights pants, Super Bowl Sunday is an event to celebrate.  Invite your roommates, classmates, and teammates and plan for a fun-filled Sunday celebration with these DIY Pinterest finds.

Super Bowl Bingo

Create bingo cards with various game day numbers, sayings, and symbols and see who can spot five in a row first!  Use small candies as your bingo markers and come up with creative prizes for the winners.  Try switching up what constitutes a “bingo” or placing bets to make things more interesting.  For a printable version of Super Bowl bingo cards, go to www.studiodiy.com and search “Super Bowl bingo.”

Football Garland

To create this Super Bowl-appropriate wall banner, cut triangles from brown construction paper.  Then cut small, rectangular strips of white paper and paste them on the triangles in the pattern of the stitching on a football.  Let the glue dry before stretching out some string and hot gluing it to the backside of the triangles, at the bases.  Hang up your garland, and you’re good to go!

Sideline Snack Table

Make the snack table the place to be—and not just because you make a mean buffalo chicken dip.  Cover the table with brown wrapping paper, and make sure to tape the edges down.  Then measure out ten equal sections along the length of the table.  Lay masking tape down across the width so that the lines divide the sections from one another.  Lastly, label up to the 50 yard line and back down to the 10 again with a permanent marker.

Football Bites

You can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers!  Lay out a tray of oval-shaped crackers.  (Tip: Flipsides by Town House are half cracker, half pretzel and the perfect shape.)  Cut summer sausage or pepperoni into football shapes, and follow suit with your favorite cheese.  Top the crackers with the meats and cheese, then squeeze on some Ranch dressing, mayonnaise, or mustard to create the football’s “stitching.”


Put on your pom-poms and get to party planning, collegiates!  Sunday is fast approaching, and if I recall correctly, you’ve got a season’s worth of Seahawks-Broncos stats to catch up on….Best of luck from HCQU!

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