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Perfect Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

As someone who has a round face, I always struggled with accepting my chubby cheeks and figuring out which look complimented me best. My hairdresser once told me that there is a hairstyle for every face shape of every kind! Below I listed some hairstyles that can be helpful for girls who have the face shapes I used below.

1. Round Face

The best style for a round or chubby face can be either a middle part, a short bob, and/or layers. These will compliment the face more, and provide the best look!

2. Square Face

Some hairstyles that work well with square faces are layered lobs, deep side parts, and sleek ponytails. These will help show off the structured jaw and defined cheekbones

3. Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you have been blessed with being able to do anything with your hair and it being able to look great! Some examples can be bangs, long hair, and edgy hair!4. Heart

Heart-shaped faces encompass a narrow chin that gets wider as you work up the face. Hairstyles that look good for heart faces can be straight layers, long waves, and the classic lob

5. Diamond

Last but not least, wide temples and high facial structures encompass the diamond face shape. Hairstyles perfect for this face are lots of layers, sleek bobs, and super short hair!


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