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NY State of Mind: Day Tripping Off The Beaten Path

When people think of New York, they automatically think of the city.  With its bright lights, overpriced meals and Broadway shows, millions of tourists flood the streets of NYC in hopes of capturing its true essence. But what many visitors don’t get to see is the other side of New York, the non-touristy side.

Although Time Square and 5th Ave offer great shopping and restaurants, there are many other places that you can go, thanks to the subway, that are just as great, if not better than the generic Times Square scene.

Brooklyn is a great place start off your new New York adventure. just a short subway ride away, Brooklyn is home to some of the city’s greatest food options ranging from Italian to American cuisine and everything in between. Brooklyn truly comes alive after the sun sets. City goers line the streets as their night begins and this borough comes alive with culture.

One of the greatest things about Brooklyn is that you don’t have to have a lot of dough, to have a good night.
 With New York being known for its great pizza, there’s no question that places like L&B Spumoni Gardens help add to the title.  For less than $20, you can enjoy freshly made Sicilian pizza followed by homemade ice cream for dessert.   Not only do you get to have a great slice of pizza, you get the opportunity to embrace yourself in some real culture.  With open picnic style seating available in the warmer months, family and friends gather around Spumoni to be around family and have a good time.

Things only get better as you take a short trip over to the Bronx.  Known for that place where Jennifer Lopez grew up, the Bronx offers a unique take on that famous NYC attitude.  The Bronx Botanical Gardens offers a completely different experience than many visitors are used to.  For at as little as $5.00, if you only get the walking pass and have your student I.D., you can enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the park. Open year round, the Gardens offers you a beautiful scenery and great opportunities to break our your old camera and take some semi-professional shots.  

If going out of the city isn’t really what you’re looking to do than my greatest suggestion would be to stay away from Times Square.  New York City is so much more than just overcrowded streets and the Empire State building.  When visiting the city pick up a copy of the newspaper to check out some Broadway websites that offer same-day tickets and discounted prices.  Also, don’t forget about SoHo and NoHo, two great neighborhoods you should explore before leaving the city.  

Although the island of Manhattan is only 22 miles long, it has many different things to offer and the places surrounding it are just as great.  Going into the city can be overwhelming and confusing for many people who haven’t been there before, but don’t be afraid to take chances and veer off the beaten path.
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