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Kendrick Lamar Grammy Performance Breakdown

This past Monday, the Grammy’s aired on CBS and anticipation filled the air as many of music’s brightest stars were set to perform. One of those stars included hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, who performed two singles from his second album, “How To Pimp a Butterfly”.

Whether people praised him or not, it is an undeniable performance that impacted many others and brought a poetic message to the stage.

Let’s start with the very beginning of the performance, as Kendrick Lamar walked to the mic in chains, sweat on his forehead with a face of disparity. It was a visual of a prison with a saxophone player locked behind bars and his backup dancers standing behind him holding up their chains in the air to demonstrate a silent protest. 

In the final part of his performance, Lamar performed a new song where he discussed his mental stability through the madness, struggles with sobriety and his relationship with religion. The lyrics were rapidly thrown at the audience; however, everyone understood his message of racial tension, prosperity and his own personal struggles. 

Through a powerful performance, Kendrick Lamar captured the attention of many across the entire nation.

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