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How to Survive the End of the Semester

Now that spring break is over, the home stretch of the semester is upon us.  The snow is starting to melt, the sun is coming out…aaaaand our motivation is dwindling.  It’s even more difficult to stay motivated when the to-do list continues to grow, but the sun is shining and you just want to relax on the quad.  To help you out, here are my tips for staying motivated for the final part of the semester:

Set goals and prioritize.

When you’re tackling that to-do list, work on the items with the most importance, the ones that need to be done ASAP.  (Sadly, that 8-page paper is a bit more important than taking a trip to Ulta.)  Getting the important stuff done first will make you feel less stressed and better equipped to tackle the remainder of your list.

Don’t overstress.

It may not seem like it now, but most of the stuff that needs to get done will feel of little importance five years from now.  So just count to 10, breathe, and take everything one step at a time.  You got this.

Reward yourself.

You’ve been working hard!  Treat yourself to some frozen yogurt or the beautiful jewelry that’s always being sold in the student center this time of year.

Take little breaks.

Starting to feel overwhelmed?  Take a break from writing that study guide to get a cup of coffee or tea or to practice some deep breathing methods.  When your break is over, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to keep working.

Remind yourself of your goals.

Short-term and long-term goals are key.  Don’t lose sight of these goals when doing your work, and keep track of them to stay motivated.  Eyes on the prize, girls….Eyes on the prize.

Avoid distractions.

We are all guilty of having an assignment open along with Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.  But it is rather difficult to get work done when these sites are open, and we all know you’d much rather be retweeting or pinning than doing homework.  Just remind yourself of how important the work is and how it needs to be done.  Muster up some willpower and close those tabs.

I hope my tips helped, Bobcats!  What are your strategies for staying motivated?  Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Senior at Quinnipiac. I love traveling, shopping, Lake George, family, friends, my two dogs, glitter, and elephants :) Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, as well as Instagram and Twitter @annienoordsy
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