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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Quinnipiac chapter.

Recruitment begins this week and tables covered  in the Greek alphabet line the student center. You may have the impression that everyone and their mother is joining a sorority.

Although it may seem true now, it’s really not the case.

Greek life is great and has many great attributes. Likewise, other organizations have similar benefits. However, because of the seemingly attractive promises that being in a sorority has, in addition to the girly and glamorous connotations we tend have about it, it’s understandable that we can feel pressure to at least see what it’s about.

And that’s perfect. You should go “meet the sisters” and learn about it before you make your decision. There’s nothing wrong with checking it out. You never know. You may love it and can’t wait to start. Or on the other hand, you may realize that this is not for you, which is also perfectly fine.

I came to this realization when this time of the year rolled around last year. Everyone on my floor was constantly talking about how they couldn’t wait to rush, or which sorority to join. And then there was me, already thinking that I didn’t want to join one, but felt persuaded and influenced by almost everyone that I talked to. So I gave it a chance and went to one of the kick-off events for recruitment and was immediately turned off. I have nothing against it, and think that, again, it’s wonderful if it’s “your thing.” But I came to realize that there are many girls like myself that were just simply, not feeling it.

QU prides itself on its  70 plus organizations on campus, so if Greek life turns out not to be your thing, you’re bound to find something that is. The great thing about QU clubs is, it’s never too late to join. Every president and chairperson always welcomes new members no matter what time of year. And yes, among these organizations there are many that are just as significant in being in Greek life.

Don’t think that there will be nothing to do when seemingly everyone is at a Greek event because there will be other people that are not, and many other things to do on campus. While the Greeks do their thing, you can do yours.

Personally, in lieu of becoming a “Greek” I took advantage of all of the other opportunities that we, as Bobcats, all have. I am happy with and passionate about the multiple organizations that I have become part of since the Greek days. The organizations include the Student Programming Board, the Quinnipiac Chronicle, and the Orientation program.

I am fully committed to each of these organizations, and much like Greek life, it keeps my calendar filled with events. I feel as though I’ve established myself on campus by representing these well-known clubs, and have met so many new people in the process. Needless to say, it has definitely become “my thing.”

Within these groups, I have found my own “sisters,” and wear different types of “letters,” I’m doing what is best for me, so you, and only you, will figure out what’s best to do for yourself.

Recruitment for Greek organizations starts up with Wednesday’s Kick-Off event, so the staff of HC Quinnipiac decided to present both sides of the “To Go Greek or Not to Go Greek” debate. Here are two personal accounts from campus correspondent Marissa’, who had a positive Greek experience, and staff writer Christine, who chose to get involved in other ways.

Johana Gutierrez is a Public Relations student at Quinnipiac University with a minor in International Business. She comes from a city life area in the Southern part of Connecticut.At Quinnipiac, she is the Alumni Relations Director for the International Business Society and member of PRSSA. This past summer, Johana interned at Live Nation Entertainment in NYC. In her free time, Johana enjoys going to concerts, listening to music and being in the company of her friends. She hopes to to continue her experience in the entertainment industry and ideally end up working at a record label.