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How to Maintain Relationships with Friends from Home

Leaving home can be a scary time, especially for those students who attend college outside of their home state. College can bring on many new experiences with many different people. Leaving your family can be frightening, but leaving your friends you grew up with can be even scarier.
No one wants to be forgotten, but at the same time no one wants to be held back from meeting new people. College students must remember that they can always make new friends but that doesn’t mean they have to forget about the old ones too. Try to take the opportunity to check in with home friends once a week. Don’t nag them but it is always nice to check in.
We are a lucky generation. We don’t have to restrict ourselves to talking on the telephone to keep in touch with friends. We have the help of technology.

Facebook is an awesome way to keep in touch with friends. Writing on someone’s wall to ask how things are going is a great way to keep friends in your life. Posting pictures of your new friends and places around campus can help your old friends feel connected with you in your new home. And if you feel uncomfortable having the world see your conversation you can always send a more private message through a text or even a Facebook message.
We even have video chatting to keep in touch making our conversations more “in person” than before. It takes the online world to the next level. Most laptops today have a built in camera so there is no need to even buy a webcam, and video chatting won’t cost you any money. Signing up for free programs like Skype and OOVOO can help maintain relationships.
Being home on breaks is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your high school friends. Share stories about friends, classes, and your fun nights out.
Don’t forget to keep in touch. With all the technological advancements we have in today’s society there are no excuses.

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