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Get Hooked on This Summer’s Trends


Maxi dresses/skirts: You may have remembered when maxi skirts came into style a few years ago. And guess what? They’re still in style. What’s even better is that there’s a different variation of the ankle covered styled, but in dress form. They range in different colors and patterns. Pair the maxi skirt with a cute pair of sandals and a nice top for a summer look. To create an edgy look pair with a maxi dress with a nice pair of ankle boots for those cool summer nights.

Gladiators: This is perhaps my favorite summer trend. These shoes are timeless (seriously, they’ve even been worn by the Romans) and are quite fashionable! Whether you prefer them reaching up to your calf, or staying at the ankles, the choice is yours! Wear them with a nice maxi skirt for a gentle look.

Crop tops: You’ve more than likely seen them everywhere and don’t be alarmed because…you’ll keep seeing them for many more years to come. These first appeared in the 90’s, but as the year’s progressed, they’ve more fashionable. Pair them with high waist shorts this summer, or even a maxi dress.

High waist shorts: What better way to enjoy summer than to show off your waist? High waist shorts accentuate and emphasize your waist. These shorts are not hard to style, as they go with practically anything.

Pastel colors: Shorts, tops, nail polish and socks– these cool, soft colors are popping up everywhere! You may have also seen at least one person rocking a pastel color on their nails. Pastel colored clothing can easily be paired with anything because they’re not overpowering.

Lace: I’m not just talking about lace underwear, but lace everything! From shorts, to tops, lace is making a comeback. Not only will they keep you cool in the summer, but they’re also chic. They come in every color and even floral patterned. Pair them with just about anything and create any kind of look whether it’s edgy, preppy or comfortable.

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