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As young women, we all have tons of insecurities, and most of us spend way too much time analyzing every aspect of our bodies. We have that compulsive need to be skinny and toned, and we are never happy with how we look. Whether it’s from the influence of the media or the constant gym selfies we see on Facebook and Instagram, we are surrounded by what we are “supposed to look like”. The reality is that there is so much more to worry about than how you look in your club outfit. The time you spend upset about your body can be spent having the time of your life with your girls on the dance floor. Honestly, no one cares or scrutinizes you as much as yourself.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key.  Perhaps you could lose a few pounds for the sake of your health; there’s still no need to go on a full-blown diet. Just start being conscious of what you are putting in your body! Here are some quick, no-starving-necessary examples of small things you can do to start heading the healthy route at QU:

1. Instead of having a bagel for breakfast, opt to have a healthy cereal such as Special K, oatmeal, or maybe some egg whites and fruit.

2. Rather than getting a sandwich for lunch, get a salad and load it with grilled chicken, chick peas and broccoli.

3. Don’t have chips for a snack, instead have a banana with some peanut butter. For dinner, keep your portions small and make sure to get a side of veggies. As for exercise, try to go to the gym for thirty minutes at least five times a week. There are tons of amazing fitness classes on campus that basically hand your workout to you!

4. If you don’t like working out, just go for a walk every day! By making just a few lifestyle changes, you will feel better physically and emotionally.

The last step – whether or not you’re trying to change your diet or workout routine – is having confidence. Sure, maybe you don’t have the body of a super model, but flaunt what you do have! Find that inner beauty and show it off to the world. Believe me, people will notice your confidence more than anything else. When it comes to our bodies, we are our own worst enemy. Don’t let this happen – just be happy in your own skin. Yes, it may be easier said than done, but when you do make peace with yourself, you will be able to take on the world.

How do you stay happy and healthy? Tell us by tweeting @hercampusqu!

I am a student at Quinnipiac University and an aspiring magazine writer/editor.
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