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Long before the thrive to be thin, women that were full figured were desired and featured in various paintings. Women with wide hips were sought by many suitors; they also were seen as fit for marriage and child bearing. Examples of these are seen in many paintings during the Renaissance.

Sandro Botticell’s The Birth of Venus

During the Victorian Era, a small waistline and large posterior became the new black. Corsets (stringed really tightly) were used to assist a lot of women in achieving this look. As for the large posterior, women did a lot of squats.Kidding.

This helped create the illusion of the large posterior. Does the word bootylicious come to mind?

Pale skin: At one point having skin that appeared tan was looked down upon. Women with pale skin were viewed as being of a higher class. Why? Because it showed they spent much time indoors. This was mostly popular in the 16th century, but is not unheard of today as people turn to skin lightening products.

Ankles: Once upon a time, toned and well defined ankles were considered…sexy! Well, about 3 centuries ago to be exact.  Because this time period (around the 18th century) was very conservative, the only open skin a man could see on a woman were her ankles. 

Tiny Feet: In various countries across Asia, a process known as foot binding was very popular. The process started on very young children; the foot is bound tightly in a cloth to prevent it from growing too much. Talk about anti-bigfoot, right? Small feet were considered beautiful on a woman – because the foot would grow tightly bound, there were even custom made shoes.

Small feet are still considered attractive in some cultures. Luckily today, having bigger feet is not looked down upon.

Beauty may change over time, but the beauty that is you will always remain! Full figured or not, ankle model or not…you’re all beautiful, Collegiettes! :) 





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