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The Dos and Don’ts of Campus Hookups

The school year is in full swing, and for most freshmen this means our whole new experience continues. Most of us have never had the opportunity to live, party and interact with hundreds of other students at all hours of the day and night – especially boys. Therefore, it’s inevitable that we meet, flirt and maybe even hook up with new guys, testing the waters and seeing what works for us. Hooking up is a large part of college culture not just at Quinnipiac, but all over the world, and even if you may or may not choose to partake in it, there are certain things to remember before you start. At the end of the day, what you
choose to do is entirely up to you, and no one should feel left out or forced into doing anything you’re not up for. Here are some “DO”s and “DON’T”s of hooking up for you to consider before you follow that cute guy back to his room.


- have fun: regardless of what you decide to do, make sure you enjoy yourself. Freshman year goes by faster than we know, and if you do it right, you only do it once.

- Be confident: guys unanimously say it, there is nothing sexier than a girl with confidence. So put that smile on your face, own your clothes and feel comfortable in your own skin, and you’ll never look hotter.

- Be yourself: if you find yourself changing who you are or acting differently to impress a guy, chances are he’s not the right one – be yourself and you’ll find that someone will be attracted to the real you, not the one someone else wants you to be.

- Be open-minded: sometimes, some of the nicest guys get overlooked cause they aren’t as appealing as the hot, dark and edgy guys, but your heart will thank you for staying away from the douchebags later.

- Be safe: this is perhaps the most important one! Nothing ruins a little weekend fling like permanent consequences. Be aware of the repercussions of any of your actions, and make sure you’re prepared to deal with anything if they come up.


- believe everything he says: although we don’t like to admit it, most guys have a way with words and their lines will woo you into thinking he wants something more than they sometimes do.

- Wait around for his call: chances are, it won’t come. A lot of guys, especially freshman, are still testing the waters and don’t want to be tied down. Unless you discuss differently, don’t assume anything more will come out of the fun hookup.

- Fall into his hookup trap and become his hookup buddy, unless you’re okay with it: most girls don’t like the concept of “friends with benefits” or hookup buddies, and don’t feel like you have to fall into this category if you don’t want to.

- Feel like something is wrong with you if a guy doesn’t pursue a relationship: a lot of girls when asked said that after a one-night hookup, they felt like something was wrong with them when their guy didn’t pursue anything – this is not true! Like I said, if a guy doesn’t want to take a more serious step, it says nothing about you, just that he’s simply not ready to settle down.

- Be pressured into doing something you’re not ready for: if you’re not okay with going past making out, or any other limits, then say so! Know what you’re comfortable with, and establish these limits with your guy before it’s too late.

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