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Chrissi Rochester- Acrobatics and Tumbling

 What's your major/ minor?

Interactive Digital Design and Fine Arts Minor

What sport are you involved in?

Acrobatics and Tumbling

Why do you like acrobatics and tumbling?

I like acrobatics and tumbling because it brings together females from gymnastics, cheerleading and acro and gives them the opportunity to compete as a NCAA emerging sport. We are fully supported by our athletic department, school, and USA Gymnastics which is very rewarding. We travel across the country to compete with several other schools in event style meets. We each get our own jersey number and our stats are collected through the season which is really different compared to what most of us are used to. It is amazing to know that women have the opportunity to become a scholarship athlete doing something they love. Essentially, I love the fact that I get the opportunity to compete skills and be scored strongly on technique, execution, and skill level.

What other things do you do on campus?

I am also involved in Kappa Delta Sorority where I am the t shirt chair, banner chair, and on the creativity committee. I also am the on the E-board as Secretary for S.A.A.C, which is Student Athlete Advisory Committee where we focus on student athletes and community service. I am also an volunteer assistant leader for a Girl Scout troop in North Haven.

How to you handle being both a student, athlete and involved student?

I handle being a student, athlete and involved student by just keeping myself organized. I write down my schedule every day, and make sure I get as much of my to-do list done every day. I am sure to give everything that I am involved in 110%, but also making sure I leave time to get my school work and studying done. I also have 5 awesome roommates that are always there to make my free time fun, exciting and stress free!

Do you have any advice for student athletes?

My advice for student athletes would be to love your sport and never forget that this was your dream to be on a division 1 athletic team. It is so important to find a balance between athletics and academics but also, know that it is ok to branch outside your sport as well. Getting involved in other things such as clubs, greek life, or community service provides other experiences that will only help you grow as a person, and meet even more people.

When's the first Acrobatics and Tumbling meet?

The first acrobatics and tumbling meet is Saturday, February 9th here are TD Bank arena.

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