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As the warm weather approaches, the search for bathing suits start to begin. When you’re a college student, Triangl and Sunny Co bathing suits are not companies that fit your budget range, especially when only one half of the bathing suit costs $80! With Victoria Secret bathing suits out of the picture, it’s almost impossible to find a super cute suit that isn’t expensive and actually looks nice.

Here are websites that I’ve personally bought bathing suits from or that I heard of from friends that sell great, inexpensive, cute bathing suits that won’t rip you off or steal your money! The links for each website is listed below as well!


Cupshe is my favorite bathing suit company to buy from. Majority of my bathing suits are from here and they are super cute and comfy. Not only are they not expensive but you only pay for the bathing suit all together, instead of buying the top and bottom separately! They have two pieces, one pieces, and all the in-between and the bathing suits fit well and are not cheeky. There is a wide variety of colors and styles, and the shipping time is only about a week and free. I highly recommend this site!


The website ROMWE is also a great bathing suit website. These bathing suits are not expensive, but are fairly cheeky. They have really cute types and the material is great and not cheap. The only thing for this site is that the shipping is a little delayed, so don’t plan on getting them in a matter of a week or two. The bathing suits also run a bit small, so if you are normally a small get a medium. Other than those two factors, the bathing suits from here are great and don’t disappoint!


Similar to ROMWE, ZAFUL is known for their low-priced, adorable bathing suits. Running a bit cheeky, their suits are comfy, cute, and trendy. They have great sales, where you can sometimes buy 3 bathing suits for $20! There reviews are great but like ROMWE, there shipping is a little late. The bathing suits fit well and there’s a range of styles to buy from. ZAFUL is a great website to buy bathing suits from.


Although I’ve never personally bought from this website, I know friends who have and absolutely love their bathing suits. They’ve never encountered a problem and love how the bathing suits fit them. Not all the bathing suits are cheeky and majority of them are under $20. The one pieces are especially cute and the quality is great. Like all the other sites, you pay for the whole bathing suit as one instead of top and bottom separately. SheIn is a good site for cheap, quality bathing suits.

Cupshe: https://www.cupshe.com/collections/bikinis?icn=Bikinisets&ici=navbar03

ROMWE: http://us.romwe.com/us-fashionswim-vc 34610.html?icn=fashion180411&ici=rwus_navbar03banner03

ZAFUL: https://www.zaful.com/swimwear-e_14/

SheIn: http://us.shein.com/US-All-Swimwear-vc-58390.html?icn=Swim&ici=us_navbar08

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