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The Wisdom of Champagne Papi

Drake – a Canadian household name. Your brother likes him, your mom loves him, your dad knows of him. Drake’s chart domination over the past few years has been unquestionable. A true mama’s boy, Drake consistently captures moments on Instagram celebrating the things he loves: his city, his mama and sometimes his bed. He clearly has his priorities straight.

Happy Birthday

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Last month, Drake released the music video for his song “God’s Plan.” In it, we see a side of Miami normally hidden by views of yacht parties and palm trees. An optimistic and emotional video, it acts as a short documentary showcasing the good that a $996,631.90 video budget can do in the daily lives of regular citizens. The reactions of the many mothers, fathers and students meeting Drake are both heart-warming and entertaining.

Heal your spirit on a Sunday…Heal your leg with a Sundae

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The response to “God’s Plan” has been overwhelmingly positive. While some could argue that the video is self-serving, any sharing of excess wealth should really be celebrated. Coming at a time of high tension, a strong statement on the income disparity present in North America is exactly what the world needs to be seeing. Joy and laughter are what get us through the tough times.

We all have the ability to bring positivity to the people and places that surround us. This video serves as a reminder that a good deed is great no matter how large or small. So, let’s contribute to causes we believe in and support those who are going the distance, whether these people are Emma Watson, Chance the Rapper, your peers or our good friend Drake.

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