Winter Time is the Best Time

Despite many people believing that winter is frigid and gross, I think there is no better time. In my opinion, winter is the best season due to the reasons listed below. 

  1. 1. Skiing and Snowboarding

    I love the fresh crisp air that fills my lungs, the wind in my face, and the exhilaration I feel as I soar carefree down the hill. The adrenaline flows through my veins while a light flush begins to appear on my cheeks. As I fly down the hill, everything fades away, leaving only me, the slopes and nature. I know how to both ski and snowboard, and I love both for different reasons. I love skiing because my whole family skis, you don’t have to buckle up each time you go down a hill and because in my opinion skiing is easier to teach. On the other hand, I love snowboarding because of culture (the way they dress, the way they speak and the chill vibes they have). In addition, I like how the snowboard boots are lighter and more comfortable. Another part of skiing and snowboarding that I enjoy is going in the terrain park, even though I can’t do any tricks. 

  2. 2. Playing in the Snow

    When I was younger, I used to play in the snow for hours on end. In elementary school, my friends and I would attempt to make snow forts and always got into snowball fights. If we were lucky enough, sometimes there would be enough build-up of snow that a giant mountain would form and freeze, creating a frozen slide. We would build a snowman, make snow angels and constantly stick out our tongues in hopes of catching a snowflake. Whenever recess would come to came to an end, all you could hear was a chorus of ‘aws’ filling the air, as people were sad to leave. Even now as a teenager, I still love doing all these activities, I just wish that I had more time to do them.

  3. 3. Winter Drinks and Food

    There is nothing better than a warm drink in your hand, with the savory scents wafting in the air, as you walk along a street covered in snow. Just the other day, Starbucks released their winter drinks which include: Caramel Brule Latte, Peppermint Mocha Latte and Chestnut Praline Latte in aesthetic and festive cups. My favourite winter drink from Starbucks would have to be the peppermint mocha; however, if you are not a fan of Starbucks you can always opt for a nice cup of hot chocolate, eggnog, apple cider or any other warm beverage that you prefer. Not only that, but you can bake Christmas cookies with your family and/or friends, which is so much fun and can taste amazing. As well, winter is also a time where delicious soups, stews and chili can be made and enjoyed.

  4. 4. Christmas and Christmas Markets

    Christmas is such a joyous time, with plenty of Christmas music and movies that get everyone into a festive mood full of holiday cheer. In addition, there are colourful Christmas lights and decorations all around. Christmas is a time where people can see friends and family, decorate Christmas trees, and destress. I love being able to buy gifts for my friends and family, that is, until I see the amount of money I’ve spent which isn’t so much fun. Even if you don’t like to shop, I presume that you enjoy receiving gifts. As Christmas nears, Christmas markets begin to appear. Because I live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) I go to the Toronto Christmas Market, which is spectacular as the Distillery District is filled with booths where you can buy food, drinks, Christmas decorations and Christmas presents.

  5. 5. Other Reasons

    Other outdoor activities people can do in the winter include tobogganing and skating. More reasons to love the winter include winter apparel because in the winter you can layer clothes, wear comfy sweaters, wear a onesie, match your outfit with a cute hat and/or scarf, and wear cozy socks! If you are not an outdoors person, then winter is still a perfect season as it gives you the opportunity to stay inside by a fire, cuddling up with books, or watching Netflix. In addition, due to all the snow, sometimes you get snow days, resulting in no school. Plus, wintertime means that in December there is Winter break. Overall, wintertime is the best time as there are a variety of different activities to do and many wonderful memories are created.