Why Your Mom Should be Your Best Friend

Ever since I was 15 years old, when I thought of who my best friend was, I thought of my mom. She was the person I relied on the most and the one I knew I could say just about anything to without judgment. Now, I’m a 20-year-old university student living 2 hours away from my mom and I can honestly say that my relationship with her has only gotten stronger. Having a close relationship with her has benefited me greatly and made me who I am as a young woman. 

Our moms have all been there and done that – from dating, friends, and school to learning how to love themselves. I tell my mom everything because she truly gives the best advice. She doesn’t just tell me things that I want to hear because I’m her daughter, she tells me things like they are. I am grateful every day to have someone in my life who is always rooting for me.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have our moms in our lives, here are five reasons why you should cherish your relationship with her.

1. She always has your back.

As much as you may think that your mom won’t understand what you’re going through, I can guarantee that she will. Tell her the reality of the situation. Your mom won’t sugar coat things for you. She will tell you when you’ve messed up, and then she’ll tell you how to fix it. 

2. She just knows. 

Your mom can typically spot the bad apples in your life from a mile away – trust her. As I said, moms have already been through it all so they are typically excellent judges of character. It never hurts to get a second opinion from someone, especially someone who is always looking out for you. 


3. She loves you for you. 

Moms teach us that we should never apologize for being our authentic selves. They love us unequivocally, in spite of the mistakes we’ve made and no matter how we stack up against others. That inner superhero that we all thought we were as kids never went away in our moms' eyes. 

4. She'll help you gain perspective 

Your mom can give you advice that is completely different from all of your friends because she grew up in a different generation- one without so much technology and social media. Her advice can offer a unique perspective that might be just what you need to make a big decision or see a sticky situation a little bit clearer. 

5. She'll be your cheerleader... unconditionally

Your mom will always have the time to celebrate your successes with you, whether it be getting an A on that paper you worked really hard on or nailing a job interview. On the flip side, she will be there to listen to you rant about your failures and challenges, which is especially important when all your housemates are out for the night or just tired of hearing about it. 

It’s hard to imagine a world without my mom. For those reading who maybe don't have a close relationship with their mom, I hope that you have or are soon to find a reliable mentor to fall back on. Whether it be a mom, aunt, teacher, father, or friend- I can guarantee you that there is someone in your life that loves you no matter what and can take on a motherly role when you really need it. You may even be this person to someone without even knowing it!