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Valentine’s Day has been glorified by society as a celebration of love between two romantic partners. While singles, gal-pals, bros, and couples who don’t particularly care for celebrations are left stranded off the bandwagon of inclusivity, I am here to tell you that it is totally okay to not partake in the celebrations of Valentine’s Day. Additionally, I would like to iterate the importance of self-love. On this day we are solemnly reminded of the emptiness that accompanies lonesome; however I am here to tell you to bask in your loneliness, and enjoy it while it lasts. As a point of reference perhaps, I shall outline the plans I have designed for the upcoming 14th of February.

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First and foremost, I will spend the afternoon recuperating after my stressful week of midterms. This entails watching netflix-on-end, and lots of snacks! With the fall of night I will run myself a warm milk-bubble-bath, and apply generously a face-mask of gold painting relaxation and healing. Thereafter, stewing in my bath and face-mask with the lights off, candles casting gleams of blissful ambiance, I will relax my mind with my favourite album: Ed Sheeran Divide, playing a loop of comfort. Once I’ve had enough “spa” time, I plan on splurging on my favourite meal – delivered to my door of course – and enjoy it along side my favourite rom-com: Life As We Know It. And that right there is how I will be spending my Valentine’s Day, with a day full of self-love: a night in and a means of recupperation from the long struggles that is schooling. I am not here to tell you how to spend your night but I think we should focus more on doing what we would like as opposed to what society has told us we’re supposed to like!

Happy V-Day everyone!  XO

Susan Mokh

Queen's U '21

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.
HC Queen's U contributor