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Top Christmas Vacation Destinations 2015

The Christmas season is right around the corner, and with it comes cute winter outfits, rosy cheeks and frost-tipped hair, and (if you’re so lucky) those romantic hot chocolate dates with that cute boy that sits 3 rows in front of you.  With all the Christmas Cheer in the air, you’ll want to make sure you make this holiday season your best one yet.  Here are some places you should plan to visit for the most magical Christmas experiences ever!

European Christmas Markets

If you find yourself travelling overseas this holiday season, make sure you take the time to visit some of these gorgeous Christmas-themed markets:


Prague, Czech Republic

Located right in the Old Town Square of Prague, the Christmas market here is open every day and features everything from decorative huts selling homemade handicrafts, to fresh traditional foods prepared and cooked right before your eyes and young carollers that fill the frosted air with songs that will bring out the Christmas cheer in everyone!

Cologne, Germany

The Christmas markets in Cologne, Germany attract over 2 million visitors each year.  It’s no wonder why; the four separate markets spread throughout the city have something for everyone.  The young ones will love the Christmas Market on the Alter Markt, for its nostalgic children’s roundabouts, puppet theatres, and countless toy stands.  Those looking to shop will want to check out the Neumarkt Christmas Market while the Christmas Market on the Rudolfplatz will immerse you in a fairy-tail world.  The most impressive market is the Christmas Market at the Cologne Cathedral.   Set in front of the massive Cologne Cathedral and featuring the largest Christmas tree in the Rhineland, this destination is sure to take your breath away!

Braunschweig, Germany

The Braunschweig Christmas Market has been lighting up the lives of those who visit for over 300 years.  With sparkling lights, festive music and a wide variety of Christmas greenery, this is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.  (The Dankwarderode Castle in the background makes for a pretty sweet Instagram pic too!)

Lucerne, Switzerland

This Christmas Market is set in the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland, and has everything you’d ever want from a quaint little city like this!  Locally made foods, crafts, of course, a beautiful lake that’s perfect for some photo opportunities!

Vienna, Austria

The Christmas Markets in Vienna are truly an age-old tradition.  Set in and around City Hall, it features a kids-only area where the young ones can learn to make Christmas cookies and crafts, international choirs performing Christmas carols (with free admission!) and of course, stalls and vendors where you can pick up some delicious sweets or cute homemade crafts. 

Rovaniemi, Finland

The official hometown of Santa Claus!  This is by far one of the most incredible Christmas destinations in the world.  You can do everything here, from skiing to snowmobiling, or even seeing those elusive Northern Lights!   Enjoy a world-class meal at the exquisite Arctic Snowhotel Ice Restaurant, or visit Santa Claus Village – the global headquarters for Santa Clause and perhaps the most festive place anywhere!

Warm Places

Absolutely cannot stand the freezing cold and snow in Canada? Why not go somewhere warm for this Christmas break?



Spend this holiday season in Florida! Whether it is taking pictures with Anna and Elsa at Disney World, or paying a visit to the “Diagon Valley” in Universal Studios, or enjoying the sunshine while sipping on a fancy summer drink on the Miami Beach… Florida never fails to meet our expectations for a Christmas destination!

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the home to several iconic landmarks that you absolutely MUST see in your lifetime!  Take a picture with the Hollywood sign, enjoy the festivities on the Santa Monica Pier, or go shopping at one of the hundreds of chic malls or shopping districts across the city.  You’ll feel like a celebrity, which is good because there’s a good chance you’ll end up meeting a couple while you’re there!


Probably two of the most popular places to go for a warm Christmas, but we can just not resist the blue water, nice sandy beaches, and most importantly—the SUNSHINE! There are so many destinations you can choose from in Mexico…I’m sure any place will ensure you a fantastic experience this Christmas!

Staying Local

Blue Mountain, Collingwood

What is winter without some fun in the snow, eh? Blue Mountain Resorts have tons of activities that are great for both small and large groups! Get your snow gear out and get ready to Ski, ride mountain coasters, snow tube, or skate!

Toronto Christmas Market   

Still trying to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Trying to find something to do after all those stressful exams? Well, Toronto Christmas Market is a great place to go with your girlfriends, families, or your one and only Mr.Right! Put on the fuzzy socks, warm jackets, cozy scarves and enjoy this holiday season! Try all kinds of food at the market, have some delicious hot drinks, go meet Santa, or share a romantic ride on the Ferris Wheel!

For more info check out the event website here: http://www.toronto.com/events/toronto-christmas-market/

The Nutcracker

Based on E.T.A Hoffman’s Christmas tale of the same name, this rendition of the popular children’s story was composed by James Judelka back in 1995. If you are one of those people who wants to enjoy every single Ballet you can find around your area…what is better than celebrating this Holiday season with some Ballet? 

For more info check out the event website here: http://www.toronto.com/events/the-nutcracker-5/

Toronto Christmas Festival

If you really don’t want to go too far for this holiday season…hop on a subway/TTC bus and get off at Yonge/Dundas Square for the Toronto Christmas Festival! There will be live music, delicious food and drinks, and a laser show every night at 10:00 pm!

For more info check out the event website here: http://www.toronto.com/events/toronto-christmas-festival/


One of the best things about holiday seasons is going on shopping sprees in the stores! As the centre for finance and tourism, Toronto will not let you down! Let’s go check out all the sales and discounts and start SHOPPING!!!

For locations and hours of malls check out this website: http://www.toronto.com/guides/holiday/articles/holiday-hours-at-toronto-malls/

Skate at Natrel Rink

Missing the fun times on a skating rink? Why not go skating at Natrel Park and enjoy the city life of Toronto? 

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