The Top 10 Vlog Squad Members  

10. Dom

One of David’s friends who has been there since day one. He is always a part of any ridiculous bit related to STDs. Dom is always down for any challenge, especially his conquest for obtaining a threesome.

9. Trisha

She’s for sure a loose cannon. Through the highs and lows in her relationship with Jason Nash, she can be counted on for continually making viewers laugh. Trisha's most memorable moment featured her two-day break up with Jason.

8. Natalie

Either by David’s side or waiting in line at Chipotle, she is constantly supporting David’s dreams, which include scaring Natalie half to death with reptiles.

7. Toddy & Scotty

An iconic duo, the two consistently match each other in super-cute outfits. They always get a surprise when they are out of town, like a new room makeover. Most recently, the pair have been getting shot with a paintball gun for any bills they can receive.

6.  Liza

Remember when Liza was just David’s girlfriend? Ha! Me neither! Now, her role in the vlogs is David’s ex-girlfriend and his best friend - confusing, to say the least. Their breakup trended on YouTube for days. Her countless impersonations of Helga and Jet always have us laughing.

5. The Antonyans

Although Jonah was the first of his family to join the vlog squad and fulfills many roles, including playing the role of a sushi boat, it’s no longer just Jonah. His family members are also featured regularly in the vlogs, especially Suzy and Vardan. Our favourite, Vardan, is best known for the time David convinced him that he was invisible, and he cried.

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4. Alex

Alex is a wholesome little table slayer and the only Vlog Squad member who is allowed to disrespect David. Although Alex gets most of the spotlight, Bailey and Alex are a package deal. You don’t know Bailey? It’s his bunny of course!

3. Jason Nash

Recruited from a comedy club, David spotted this 45-year-old to join the vlog squad. He definitely didn’t become wiser with age. Jason is still a large part of the squad’s stunts; he does so by continually hurting himself. No chance you will ever find David without Jason close by.

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2. Zane & Heath

Another dynamic duo. The two buddies should be the ambassadors of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. You wouldn’t think Heath, the country, dart smoking dude and Zane, a ball of aggressive sunshine, would be best friends, but they are the cutest pair out there. They brought together Zane’s amazing 200th vlog and we wouldn’t be the same without "Boom"!

1. David Dobrik

No one should be surprised. David, the creator of the Vlog Squad and Clickbait merch, of course has to take the number one spot. After all, the squad wouldn’t exist without him!

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Honourable Mentions


Bruce is Carly’s boyfriend. He produces a lot of the Vlog Squad’s songs, which is important because where would we be without "Boom"?


Corinna is Dom’s female counterpart. Her most memorable moment was when her and Toddy got freaky in the back of David’s Tesla. If you ask me, I’m still not over their breakup.


Matt King is unfortunately the butt of many jokes in David’s vlogs. From the old man mask to the random animals, all this poor guy wants to do is go to Japan.


Casey is YouTube royalty, I’m still not sure why he agreed to be in David’s vlogs, but the private jet montages would not have been possible without him.

Carly & Erin

Carly and Erin keep watchers filled in on all of the tea with their “Vlog Squad gossip” videos. Also, think about all of the content that will come out of Erin’s Wedding.


Jeff is the newest (and arguably the best looking) member of the Vlog Squad. His past arrests, his beef with his ex, and his cute dog leave us all wanting more.


Ilya is David’s best friend from Chicago. He was branded “best friend #1” in his 10 million subscriber vlog. You can find him drunk most of the time and once chased vodka with maple syrup.