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Connor Surdi

The Stanley Cup: A Christmas Miracle

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Consumers recently stampeded their local Target to acquire the Stanley x Starbucks Pink Quenchers. Resale sites such as Stock X sell Stanley bottles for up to thousands of dollars. If you’re like me and your stream of consciousness has largely excluded water bottle hype, the recent craze over water bottles has been confusing. Gone are the days of Swell and cheap plastic bottles. The popularity of the Stanley brand has reached a new peak. But can the product live up to the praises it’s receiving? 

I was lucky to be gifted two types of Stanley water bottles for Christmas. One was the classic Quencher Tumbler, and the other was a Flip-Straw Tumbler, basically an adultified sippy cup but in the best way possible. I recognized the brand, but I figured it was only a popular holiday gift due to the appealing aesthetic of the bottle. 

I realized the true value of the bottles on New Year’s Day. I had the sense to leave the sippy cup filled with ice-cold water beside my bed before I went out to celebrate. Little did I know that this simple act would cause a butterfly effect that altered the course of my year.

I awoke with the assumption that my water had turned mildewy overnight but was pleasantly surprised to hear the ice clinking against the metal interior as I picked it up. My throbbing headache from the previous night’s debauchery quickly subsided after I chugged the contents of my new tumbler. Awakening in the new year to the fruits of overlooked blessings felt rather life-altering. 

I decided that morning to do something I had only done once in the previous year. The powers of the bottle compelled me to lift myself from the comfort of my bed. I threw on some workout gear, shuffled out the door, and headed to the gym—Quencher in hand. The shape of the bottle fits perfectly in the cup holder of my car. It stayed perfectly stable in the cup holder of the elliptical as I worked my way up and down the stairs.

Buyers can choose between an array of stunning colour options that complement the subtle yet eye-catching design of the bottles. The tumblers emanate an aura of quiet luxury despite their sensible bulkiness. The Stanley bottles ergonomic builds allow for a variety of potential uses. Days spent rotting on the couch and TV bingeing are better with a Stanley bottle that rolls around with you without making a spill. The durable material of the tumbler allows it to withstand more strenuous activities as well — Stanley made headlines when one of its tumblers survived a massive car fire. Although the bottles don’t come cheap, the product’s popularity and overall quality mean that the prices are fair. Stanley also ensures the sustainability of their bottles. 

The Stanley bottles exemplify one successful approach to responding to the growing consumer preference for sensible and attractive products that improve the functionality of their lives.

Leyou Andualem

Queen's U '24

Leyou is a fourth-year Political Studies student at Queen's. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and dilly-dallying.