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The Potential of a New September Routine

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

I’ve always considered September to be an underappreciated month. It’s a transient time as summer moves into fall. It shifts from moments spent in the sunshine with little worry, to days spent troubled by deadlines and wearing weather-appropriate attire. In other words, it’s a time of confusing change.

I do agree that September is all of these things, a month of scheduling, reminiscing and shifting. But I also believe that this unique time holds a massive amount of positive potential, more than any other month in the year. The fresh start that comes with the crisp September air is undoubtedly promising. If you appreciate this time of year as much as I do, you’ll agree that crafting a routine in September is what makes this time so special. I firmly believe that a solid routine sets you up for success, and what better time to implement a fresh schedule and set of habits than now.

As you settle into the new lifestyle that comes with the changing seasons, take the time to experiment with your schedule. Being back at school is an adjustment in itself, so making tweaks to your established school year routine isn’t as scary or jarring as it could normally be. Whether it means devoting extra time to developing a new habit or waking up at a different hour, no idea is a bad idea. I think the beauty of creating said routine is that it’s catered so personally to you. You have all the time in the world to perfect it, play with it, and make it fit your lifestyle. After all, with the right mindset, every day is a fresh start.

Personally, I’m a morning person, which seems to be rare these days. Nevertheless, just like September, I believe the morning also holds a lot of potential. How I go about by mornings typically sets the tone for the rest of my day, which is why I am currently working on building my September morning routine. It’s always an adjustment, and it may be uncomfortable at first, but I encourage you to stick with it for a few days and see how you feel. If this new habit or activity isn’t floating your boat, take it as an opportunity to learn and move forward. All the more reason to keep searching for what works best for you.

That being said, whether you rise with the sun or dance in the moonlight, make your routine resonate with you this September. Nighttime and evening routines are just as amazing as morning and afternoon schedules. I believe that as long as you’re sticking to habits that promote self-love, peace, wellbeing and growth, you’re in the clear.

For tips on where to start, I’d recommended beginning with things that bring you joy. I know this is a no-brainer, but I find the simplicity of this formula leads to the greatest success. For example, if you’re someone like me who likes to feel accomplished in the morning, I feel my best by starting my day with a shower. I also can’t have a good day without taking the time to mindfully whip up breakfast, so making sure I have enough time to build my ideal oatmeal or yogurt bowl is crucial. These smaller habits take effort, but most importantly they make me feel happier, more confident, and more capable of taking on the day ahead—no matter how busy it gets.

Altogether, the beauty of creating your customized routine in September opens doors for the rest of the school year. From promoting life-changing habits, to bringing new sources of joy into your day, a routine holds so much positive power. So, let this be your sign to start perfecting your daily formula, and get in the groove of being you this September.

Natalie is a fourth year student in the Life Sciences Program. She is originally from Toronto, Ontario, and recently studied in Utrecht in the Netherlands.