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QUIZ: Are You A Bad Roommate?

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

Full disclosure: I am NOT a perfect roommate. For starters, I leave junk in the mailbox and I don’t always take my shoes off at the door. This quiz is purely for fun, because the “ideal” roommate is completely subjective. Some people are social creatures whose idea of heaven is living in a shoebox with their 17 best friends. Others appreciate a ton of “me time” and relish the peacefulness of a silent home. We all hold differing standards of cleanliness, clinginess, and quiet time. However, this quiz will tell you if I, personally, would be content living with you.

1. How long do you leave dirty dishes to “soak?”

a) NEVER – I wash them immediately after use. If my dishes are left anywhere, assume something terrible has happened to me and call 911.

b) Hours at most. Maybe I’ll leave a mug or plate until the morning if I had a late night snack.

c) Sometimes days… whenever I get to them, honestly. I’m a busy person!

2. Do you enforce quiet hours?

a) I try to avoid use of the blender or reorganizing the furniture before the sun comes up.

b) They don’t exist. If you hear a ruckus at 3am, don’t freak out—it’s probably me, not a burglar.

c) Quiet time is 24/7. I’m like a mouse. You’d have no idea I was even home!

3. Do you pick up after others?

a) Sometimes. We all do a little more than our share from time to time, but I don’t make a habit of it.

b) Yeah, pretty often. It’s annoying, but hair in the drain or toothpaste in the sink is not worth fighting about.

c) If I find a mess, I hit our house group chat demanding the perpetrator fess up. Accountability is key!

4. What’s your policy on house guests?

a) My boyfriend basically lives with us. I don’t see a problem—the more the merrier!

b) I ask permission before I even bring a friend over for lunch, and I expect you to do the same.

c) When I have people over, I’ll usually give a heads-up to make sure I’m not being disruptive.

5. Do you borrow from your roommates without asking?

a) Occasionally, but I’m not proud of it. I always replace what I take, whether it’s shoes or snacks.

b) Never ever. Hard boundary: DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!

c) Constantly. Our home is a shared space, and that includes the stuff in it!

6. Do you rack up the utility bill?

a) Nope. I memorized the off-peak hours so I know when to do my laundry—it’s just being considerate!

b) I try to be conscientious when I can, like flicking the lights off when I leave the room.

c) Absolutely, I do. I take hour-long showers almost every day. Self care, baby.

7. Are your friends welcome to your closet?

a) They know my closet inside and out—they actually plan outfits with my clothes in mind. I always say yes!

b) The day pigs fly I’ll let somebody else sweat on my precious clothes. Get a grip.

8. Do you wanna hang out later?

a) No need—I followed you to class. And to the grocery store. We’re inseparable #besties!

b) What do you mean “hang out?” I’m upstairs, you’re downstairs, how much closer do we need to be…

c) YES! Let’s cook dinner together, or maybe watch a movie. Are you going out this weekend?


Q1 a) +3 points b) +2 points c) +1 point.

Q2 a) +2 points b) +1 point c) +3 points.

Q3 a) +2 points b) +3 points c) +1 point.

Q4 a) +1 point b) +2 points c) +3 points.

Q5 a) +3 points b) +2 points c) +1 point.

Q6 a) +3 points b) +2 points c) +1 point.

Q7 a) +3 points b) +1 point.

Q8 a) +1 point b) +3 points c) 2 points.

19-24 points: We’d have a GREAT time! The best part about having an awesome roommate is having a built-in friend who you love coexisting with. Congratulations, you win!

13-18 points: We’d be fine. Maybe we’d get on each other’s nerves from time to time, but that’s just part of the experience of shared living accommodations. With good communication and some patience, it could even be fun!

8-12 points: We should never live together under any circumstances. Out of any two people in the entire universe, we are the worst match possible. Our house would be a passive-aggressive warzone. Sorry!