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If you were to ask anyone on campus if they had ever watched or even heard of Pitch Perfect, it’s very likely that they would say yes. Those three movies are absolute gems to our society and we collectively need to acknowledge it.

The three movies in the Pitch Perfect franchise are perfect as they seamlessly blend a heart-warming coming-of-age story with aca-awesome music that we all know and love while sneaking in some important lessons about self-identity. They don’t just fit into one category: romance, comedy, action, drama, you name it, these movies have it all! What more could you possibly need?

I was nine when the first movie came out, but unfortunately, I was not allowed to watch it and I don’t blame my mom for not allowing me to. However, when I did watch it, it was a new experience. My life changed for the better. I got all my friends on the Pitch Perfect bandwagon. Even after 11 years, I am still talking about how these movies have had an impact on me as a person. A scene that will always stick with me is the riff-off in the swimming pool, where the Bellas face off against the other a cappella groups in the first movie. Watching the Bellas attempt to collaborate is incredibly entertaining. The song from this scene is now on my ‘getting ready’ playlist and whenever it plays, my roommates and I can’t resist singing along to the entire thing, recalling all of the words by heart.

Even though all of the movies are incredible on their own, the beginning of Pitch Perfect 3 is iconic. I remember watching it in the theatre with my family, and I swear, my jaw was on the floor at the crazy action scene that kicked off the film. On that day, I knew that the entire franchise was something to be celebrated. What’s so cool about the Pitch Perfect movie series is how they mix humor, music, and a story that just hooks the audience in. They take familiar tunes and give them a new life with their a cappella renditions. To be honest, it was likely an introduction to a cappella for a majority of us.

Although many other amazing, largely-profited movie franchises came out during that time, including The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Twilight, they are missing one crucial aspect in their movies—relatability. The movies wouldn’t be the same without the characters because they all contribute to the diverse and engaging world of a cappella. All of their stories and uniqueness combine to produce a masterpiece of relatability, triumph, and humor. This obviously resonated with audiences since I am still talking about it to this day. And let’s not forget how these movies impacted the environment of pop culture. Those one-liners and catchy tunes? In my house, they come up in our daily discussions.

Keeping the vibe and excitement ignited over three movies is no easy task, but Pitch Perfect nailed it. They managed to keep that original spark ignited, keeping us totally pumped throughout each movie. There is no other movie series that I can wholeheartedly say encapsulates every aspect I look for in a film. 

For me, Pitch Perfect isn’t just a movie series—it’s an experience, a lifestyle. The Pitch Perfect franchise, with its impact on pop culture, has earned its place as the best movie franchise to come out of the 2010s and should be continually acknowledged as such. And mark my words, in the future, when I’m old, grey, and trying to pick a movie, you bet I’ll reach for one of these three.