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As an avid fashion enthusiast, I have been keeping tabs on the hottest items on runway for many years. What first started as a fun game of saving all my favourite items soon became a list of high fashion items I was convinced I could one day own, and even though I have about a million other more important things to spend my time and money on, this list has become a document I visit daily. While I couldn’t possibly fit all the items on my list here, let’s take a look at a few of my top must-haves.

THE jpg couture bandage top

Starting off the list with an item that when first displayed during the Spring 2022 Couture collection for Jean-Paul Gaultier, I had to stare at my laptop in shock for a few minutes. The top is a beautiful cream coloured bandage-style top with a turtleneck, long sleeves, a corset waist, and elegant ribbon detailing throughout. Loose ribbons draped off the wrists and some small cutouts on the chest and stomach provide extra details and textures.

Despite the ethereal nature of the top, on the runway it was paired with a simple long, blue jean skirt that made it feel almost accessible to me — like I could almost picture it on myself. Of course, this picture only goes so far since the price is not available to the general public, but rather only made for high-profile buyers. This is often the case for couture pieces on the runway, but that does not stop me from hoping that I will one day be able to own this lovely piece.

versace medusa aevitas platforms

I feel like these platforms are quite well known, especially in the social media world since they have gone viral and circulated different media apps quite a number of times. As such, these shoes have become quite iconic, to the point where a number of online stores have created and sold dupes from a wide range of prices. This has allowed for the shoe to become much more affordable, even though it is not the original.

I must confess that I have thought of buying one of these dupes, but the dream of one day owning the original always stops me.This isn’t to say that the dupes are not worth it or do not match the original enough, but there’s something about owning the original platforms that is worth waiting for. As close as the dupes get to the original, they will never be exactly what Versace’s team envisioned and styled on the runway so eloquently, and its that eloquence that I dream to own.

dior saddle bag

Moving on to a purse that is well known all across media, the Dior Saddle Bag is revered for its innovative saddle shape that made waves on and off the runway. The purse has been regularly featured in Dior’s collections and many celebrities and models have been seen carrying different versions of it throughout the years. The most recent variation was included in the Women’s Winter 2022-2023 Collection, where the purse is featured in a funky grey pattern that has been styled with pants of the same pattern, together creating a business-casual look.

I have never been an avid fan of purses, nor did I pay much attention to the bags paired with looks on the runway. It was not until I saw this purse that I began to really notice them as proper accessories and become more conscious of the purses I carry. The creative shape of this bag and laid back chic-ness of it caught my eye and I found myself researching the bag and the process behind its creation. While my wish to own this is not as passionate as other items on this list, it still finds its place.

blumarine eco-fur bag

Staying on the theme of purses, the Blumarine Eco-Fur Bag caught my eye on the runway. This purse is also quite impressive because it is made from faux fur and has the Blumarine ‘B’ in diamonds, which almost gives it a Barbie-doll look. This Barbie-like style was actually the reason behind this piece’s fame on social media, as it appealed to people who admire this girly, pink, Paris-Hilton-vibe fashion. This purse appeals to my inner child and makes me absolutely obsessed with the idea of owning it. It is also a more ethical high fashion piece since it is made from ethically sourced faux fur, which is always a plus.

chanel 1995 tweed suits

Among all these great items on my wish list, I would have to say that a Chanel 1995 tweed suit set is my most desired item. I have been in love with these sets since I was a child, which is mostly due to my grandmother who lived in Paris and really started my love for fashion. One of the first runway looks she showed me was Chanel’s 1995 tweed suit set, and I instantly fell in love. There was not just one tweed set, but multiple that differed in material, design, colours, and details. It was incredible to see how diverse and creative this one item could be both off and on runways. Since then, I have been a massive fan of the tweed skirt and blazer; so much so that the majority of blazers in my wardrobe are tweed and all seem to draw inspiration from the classic ’95 Chanel look.

Despite owning similar pieces, I would still love to someday own an original vintage set from Chanel and in a way honour my grandmother. This runway look definitely has a more emotional impact on me and so the dream to own it runs deep; but until then, I will continue to wear and purchase pieces that resemble this classic Chanel look.

prada monolith loafers

Last but not least on the list are the iconic Prada loafers. Prada is known for its loafers and they are one of the main proponents behind the rise of loafers in media as a statement fashion item. Increasingly over the years, loafers have become very popular among younger generations and Prada designs have been leading the industry. Much like with the Versace pumps, many online brands have created dupes of these loafers, making the design much more affordable to the public. While I do think all of Prada’s loafer designs are beautiful, my dream is to own the Monolith loafers; however, given the high sale price, buying these is for future me.

I must confess that these six items only represent a small portion of my dream items list. With tuition, rent, bills, and these insane gas prices, owning high fashion pieces doesn’t seem even remotely possible for the current me, especially after these beginning-of-the-year textbook purchases. What I can do for now is dream about owning these items and even keep an ongoing list that only continues to grow.

Vanessa Ellia

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