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Movies I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About

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Since the beginning of quarantine, I’ve been trying to find ways to spend my time and watching movies has been one of them. I’ve found many movies I’ve never heard of before or just haven’t had the time to watch. But now that I have… boy oh boy, I CAN’T stop thinking about them.

The ‘Before’ Trilogy

AKA Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. These movies are SO good. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delphy) have such deep and meaningful conversations in all three movies. I was genuinely so captivated by what they were talking about. I didn’t move my eyes off of the screen. On top of that, the conversations and storyline were so realistic – it didn’t feel staged at all. It felt like Jesse and Celine were in the room with me.

The Big Sick

As funny as this movie was, I found I surprisingly related a lot to this movie, especially the protagonist Kumail and the never-ending pressure from his parents. This movie felt like a breath of fresh air, and I could see my experiences represented in a comedic yet relatable way.


Probably one of my favourite new-age Disney movies at this point. Everything about this movie is so breathtaking… from the story to the colours, to the characters. And the songs!! Oh my goodness, they’re so catchy. If you’re looking for a new Disney (or even animated) movie to fall in love with, I for sure recommend this one!


 Last but not least, Mommy! This is a fun one because it’s a French-Canadian film! Similar to the Before Trilogy, there’s a lot of conversation between the characters – and every conversation is so interesting too! I was literally at the edge of my seat, especially with the ending.

Anyway, these movies live in my head rent-free. If you’re looking for some inspiration for what to watch, I highly recommend checking out the movies above! I hope you can’t stop thinking about them the same way as me!

Mehak Narula

Queen's U '22

Mehak Narula is a fourth-year student studying Linguistics and German Studies at Queen's University. In her free time, you can catch her watching anime, drawing, and buying (overpriced) coffee!