A Letter to My Dad

“I am proud of you.”

My favourite sentence in the whole world. But it only holds any true meaning as to who says it, and that person is you, Dad. But it’s time to change the spotlight for once, and for me to say, from child to parent, that I am proud of you.

Dad, you are a rarity. There are no perfect words to describe you either than that you have mastered at being the perfect father, and here is why:

1. You were (still are) able to deal with a teenage daughter

Through the tears, breakups, drama, door slamming, late-night phone calls to pick me up from the party I ended up hating, PMS, and everything in between, you held my hand through it all. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back because I could not have that done that.

2. Your relentless mantras

“There’s no such word as can’t.” “Take it one step at a time.” “If you think it, you will achieve it.” It may appear that I am tuning you out, as I roll my eyes and say “yeah whatever.” But honestly, I do hear you. Your persistence in helping me develop a positive outlook on life is paying off (despite the constant text messages telling you that “I’m going to fail/die” before going into every university exam), I promise.

3. Your daily text messages

You have no idea how much to me it means to me when you text me “good night, I love you” every single day.

4. Your eagerness to learn

I have never met a single person who learns as much as you do. Most people take what they learned from university and never touch a textbook again, continuing to do what they have always done. Every time I see you, it’s a new article or book wide open in front of you, dissecting every single piece of information you read (it’s great because you explain my assignments for me before I even start them because you know SO much). People deserve to know how much you strive to grow and expand your knowledge to help and serve others. It really is amazing.

5. Your inability to fail

You have not once, nor will ever, fail as a father. You have always prioritized me over your life, and I can never be thankful enough.

6. Your ability to also be my friend

I have to say that most daughters don’t tell their fathers half the stuff I have told you. You are one of the most incredibly trusting people I know and because of having the opportunity to confide in you, you have been able to take your experiences and help me with my own (a.k.a. explaining how the guy brain works at my age).

7. Your ability to become my #1 role model

Your work ethic combined with your ability to lead an authentic life is incredibly inspiring. If that doesn’t constitute as success, then I don’t know what else would.

8. Your ability to be humble

The exact reason why I am shining the spotlight on you right now. Own your achievements.

Dad, you are so focused on my accomplishments that you have a tendency to forget your own. You are the most successful person I know in all aspects of life. Essentially, my definition of success comes from looking at your life, and if I can be half as successful as you someday, then my dreams will be fulfilled.

And today, right now, take a moment and pat yourself on the back for being the best father in the world. I love you.