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Letter to First Years

I remember when I first moved into West Campus, a lot of people were using bobby pins, screwdrivers, scissors – basically anything they could get their hands on to open up this hole in the wall that stored all sorts of wires. This was because many upper years left behind letters and laundry cards in this “tree hole” in their room.

When I opened mine, I found nothing.

If I had found a letter, however, I wish it would’ve sounded something like this:

Hi Froshie,

I know you are probably feeling a mix of emotions right now, precisely: some fear, a great dose of excitement, and a pinch of disappointment because you have been placed on West Campus. Don’t worry; I have been there, and it does get better.

Telling you that everything will turn out perfectly and that everything will go as you have planned would be quite irresponsible, even if that is what you want to hear right now. First year is going to be rough. You have to adapt to living on your own, learn how to do your laundry, and go to your 8:30 classes (you have no idea how hard that is). However, I promise that you will walk away at the end of your first year with plenty of great memories, amazing friends, more confidence, and potentially a few extra pounds.

Have a great year! Go to class, join some clubs, have fun, and most importantly, choose happiness by surrounding yourself with the right people.


Your upper year friend

P.S. The chicken wings on West Campus are honestly the best.

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Julia Li

Queen's U

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