Ladies, It's Time to Embrace Your Curly Hair

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had thick ringlet curls with tons of volume, and for just as long, I’ve hated my hair. As a kid, I remember begging my mom to straighten out my curls every Sunday night before the school week began. I always had my curls either tied back in a tight bun or fried straight. Needless to say, my curls and I were not friends, and in all honestly, we still don’t get along sometimes. However, securing my self-confidence over the years has allowed me to accept and vibe with my curls better than I could’ve imagined. 


Curly hair is not considered the norm in the media. Every day, girls and women of all ages are told what they should look like: how tall we should be, how small our waist should be, and what hairdo we should sport next. The hairstyles we see most often are pin-straight and sleek with no evidence of frizz, which is simply an unrealistic standard for the curly-haired community of the world.

When I was younger, I thought my natural hair made me look like I had just stepped out of a time machine from the ‘80s. I resented my hair and couldn’t appreciate that I looked similar to icons like Diana Ross or Jennifer Grey. Today, seeing a wider array of women in the media embrace their natural curls has had a huge impact on me. Young girls can now look up to influencers like Zendaya, Lorde, Yara Shahidi, Rihanna and Lili Reinhart, who set trends by embracing their curly hair. These women facilitate positive and lustful conversations about curly hair and allow curly-haired girls to see themselves represented in the media. Nowadays, I strive to rock an ‘80s-do and feel empowered by my Jennifer Grey haircut. 

Lili Reinhart photo Photo by Gage Skidmore distributed under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license


Your curly hair journey obviously has a lot to do with your actual hair, but self-confidence and acceptance is just as important in successfully embracing what your hair has to offer. As I mentioned, I used to be willing to do anything to hide my natural curls and truly thought I was only beautiful when my hair was straight. However, as I matured, I began accepting myself for who I am, and that is when the magic began. I now feel more prepared than ever to tackle the challenges in my life with beautiful curls on my head and a smile on my face.

Over the summer, my friend, Laura, texted me about something called the “Curly Girl Method”, which is a series of rules and practices women can implement to help their curly hair reach its full potential. I did some research on these suggestions and invested in several of them, and let me tell you, my hair is popping! As a broke university student, I appreciated these budget-friendly tips and tricks and recommend trying them to reach the full potential of your curly hair. When it comes to the “Curly Girl Method”, remember that every woman's hair is different, so you’ll find many variations in the approach to each method based on individual preferences.

  1. 1. Use shampoos and conditioners free of sulfates, silicones and parabens

    I know this sounds daunting because I also have no idea what those words mean, but I do know they aren’t good for your hair, so check the labelling on your shampoo to make sure these ingredients aren’t included. 

  2. 2. Stop brushing your hair

    In the past, I thought this was crazy because my hair would turn into a nest of knots if I didn’t brush it. However, I started combing my hair with my fingers while I conditioned in the shower and my hair became knot-free and marvellously luscious. If you do have to brush, use a wide tooth comb, as it reduces the frizz of your hair once it has dried.

  3. 3. Use silk pillow cases

    You can buy inexpensive silk pillow cases on Amazon or at your local sleep store, and they are honestly lifesavers for minimizing bed head and frizzy hair.

  4. 4. Products, products, products

    Spa day, two girls, robes, bedroom, bed, beauty products

    Curly hair needs to be treated right, and thus you need to use the right products after washing your hair to get the maximum curl your hair has to offer. This has been the hardest part of my journey, as there are so many different curl creams and mousses on the market. Everyone has their own individual preferences, but once you find that one amazing product that brings your curls to the next level, you’ll never turn back! And remember, if you’re shopping for mousses, look for ones with no alcohol so your curls don’t get crunchy.

It’s time, ladies. Today is the day to let your curly locks loose and embrace your natural look! It's been a long time coming for me, and my hair cannot thank me enough. Since I gained confidence and was finally able to accept my hair for what it is, my life has become so much easier and carefree. I have finally committed to a curly hair lifestyle and embraced my inner Diana Ross and Jennifer Grey, and I encourage you to do the same.