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How I Have Found Normality in Not-Normal Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live. The novel virus has effectively removed some of the normality of everyday life, especially when compared to lifestyles pre-pandemic. For me, going from my everyday routine as a student, to what I am doing now was a pretty big adjustment. Although it has been sort of crazy, I have been able to find some normality in my day to day life by engaging in things that I love to do. 

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The first thing that I have fallen back in love with, is cooking. Before, I felt like I was always so busy going from one task to the next, but now that I have been spending so much time at home, I have started cooking much more often. It has been fun to look up different recipes that I might have not even considered trying to assemble before, and giving them a shot. For me, cooking is relaxing. Sometimes I’ll even listen to a podcast or audiobook while prepping food. Now, creating a meal feels like it adds structure into my daily groove. 

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The second thing which has provided me with some normality, is going on long walks. I know it was a joke at the beginning of the pandemic that the government sanctioned daily walks during stay at home orders, but walking and being outside is so important. I never really went on purposeful walks before the pandemic, but implementing walks into my schedule every day has been so helpful in keeping my mind clear. It has been extra helpful that my housemate has a dog, which keeps us motivated to be outside, even on days when we might not feel like it. 

One of the biggest things which has helped me feel normal during the pandemic is going to therapy. One of the side effects of the stay at home orders can be feelings of isolation and loneliness, and being able to talk to a professional about how I am feeling has been so helpful. Even the times where I didn’t feel like I had a problem per say, it was nice to have someone who can validate the way I have been feeling or just to listen to me. 

I know that one day life will go back to “normal” again, but it has been a learning experience trying to find ways to bring at least some normality into my not-so-normal life. 

Eirinn Chisholm

Queen's U '21

My name is Eirinn and I'm 21 years old. Thank you for checking out my writing here on Her Campus :)
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