Holiday Gift Guide

In my life, the best time of the year is Christmas. You can eat tons of candy canes, unapologetically sing Christmas carols, watch amazingly cheesy movies all while giving gifts to your loved ones. While everyone is joyful at different points throughout the year, the holiday season, to me, is a time of collective happiness. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is seeing my family and friends open gifts; which is why I know one of the most stressful parts of Christmas is finding gifts they will love. After years of practice, and some great motherly advice, I have come to realize the best gifts are not the most expensive, but thoughtful. This guide’s thoughtful and clever gifts embrace the spirit of Christmas and will not break your student bank account. 

  1. 1. For Your Mother

    A Relax Gift Basket

    You cannot go wrong with a gift for your mom, considering she would appreciate anything from a homemade card to her favourite dessert. For mothers, it is truly the thought that counts. This is why a gift basket of little things she loves is the perfect gift. I would suggest: 

    - Soaps and Lotions of her favourite scent

    - Treats and Snacks

    - Face Masks

    - Bath Bombs

    - Popular Books

    These are all relatively inexpensive,and there is the sentiment in assembling the gifts in a basket. Also, this present it is perfect for relaxing which all mothers deserve.

  2. 2. For Your Father

    For Father’s gifts, the perfect combination is funny and practical. Some ideas include

    - Ice Scraper with a built-in Flashlight

    - Electric Shoe Dryers

    - Luggage Scale

    - Portable Tools: Adjustable screwdriver or multi-purpose pliers 

    - Pet Treat Launcher

    These gifts can be found at Canadian Tire, Costco or Indigo, and are typical dad-gifts sure to bring a smile. 

  3. 3. For Your Significant Other

    - Matching Pajamas 

    - Matching Underwear

    While this may be cheesy, this is the perfect Christmas gift that shows thought, love and can be enjoyed together and on your own. Also, the matching pajamas are perfect for couple Christmas pictures. 

  4. 4. For A Friend

    Think about the individual’s personality while looking at these gift suggestions. 

    - Workout Bag. Great for the gym or traveling in style, a good workout bag will be used multiple times. 

    - Water Bottle (ex. Hydroflask). This gift is definitely on the practical side. Investing in a water bottle is not always on everyone’s list of priorities, but it is great and useful to have which makes it an ideal gift.  

    - Wallet. With a variety of brands, colours, sizes and price ranges, you cannot go wrong with this classic gift. 

    - XL Wine Glass. This wine glass holds a full bottle of wine. It is a great gift for your friend who enjoys wine on a night out and a night in. 

    - Reusable Coffee Tumblr. The coffee addict in me loves this gift. It is a cute and convenient way to bring coffee around with the added bonus that your friend will be caffeinated and also saving the environment too.

    - Lush Hair Mask. There are hair masks for all hair colours and types. You can choose them based on desired results or for overall healthy hair. Your friend and their new beautiful hair will thank you. 


  5. 5. For your Secret Santa pick who you don’t know too well

    - The Five-Minute Journal. This gift applies to every category on this list. Specifically, it is the perfect thoughtful gift for someone you do not know as well. The five-minute journal inspires thought, ideas and introspection. I got this gift one Christmas and it captivated me for a year.  

    - Winter Hat. A winter hat is practical and cute, which works for both men and women. Hats can be inexpensive, there are many styles to cater to various personalities, and everyone looks cute in hats!