Food Delivery Options in Kingston

It might be the undecided winter weather, which makes even the most determined students want to stay snuggled in their blankets; it might be yet another late night meeting; it might be exhaustion from eating that same old pasta in tomato sauce; or it may simply be the need to be treated and indulged.

Whatever the reason, food delivery is always a great alternative for students seeking to get their meals in the comfort of their home and saving the travelling time and expense. So where do we go? Here are some of our favorite food deliveries and common go-to picks:


Dim Sum Kingston

Hours: daily from 11am to 2am

Free delivery after subtotal of $30

The only place opened late all the way to 2am, this is the familiar go-to alternative to all our late-night owls in Kingston. Dim Sum Kingston offers a variety of bite-sized portions of traditional Chinese dishes, but also larger portions of filling rice and noodles. With an affordable price, it is however always good to order a full hour ahead of time, as the wait can outlast your hunger.


Kai’s Delight

Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm

Friday and Saturday from 11am to 12am

Known for its authenticity, Kai’s Delight is also a great choice for Chinese food delivery with a consistent speed of service. For some, the dishes provide a level of comfort of home away from home.


Pizza Pizza

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 11am to 2am

Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 3am

They are here every time there are events and information sessions on campus. Pizza Pizza offers a great selection of (surprise!) pizzas for those who like to seek a different variety of tastes. Delivery is also consistent, given it has to meet to all these different catering!


Choi’s Roll

Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 10:30pm

Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 12am

Closed on Sunday

Free delivery over $40

A recently opened sushi take out restaurant, Choi’s Roll only offers delivery and pick up, but has been quick to pick up a positive reputation for its price quality ratio.


Mino’s Take Out

Hours: Sunday to Tuesday from 3pm to 9pm

Wednesday to Saturday from 11:30am to 9:30pm

Offering a delectable variety of Greek souvlaki and traditional dishes, Mino’s brings forward the Mediterranean cuisine in a sea of westernized dishes. Only, make sure to get those orders in on time, as they close considerably earlier.



Hours: Opened Sunday through Thursday from 11:30am to 9:30pm

Friday and Saturday from 11:30am to 10pm

Closed on Tuesday

Free delivery over $35

With a mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine, Hwaki offers a great variety on their menu to satisfy the different cultural taste buds. Don’t ask how it is done, but yes, it is possible to order Bibimbap delivery!


Even when it seems that only Tim Hortons and Starbucks are around, there are truly a great selection of food choices just around the corner. A good place to start this search is through, where most food delivery options have aligned their business. So next time you are just not feeling it, know there are plenty of options available with just a few clicks or a phone call away!