Feeling Defeated Because of March Hiring? It's Okay!

March Hiring can be really stressful. What do you do when your favorite club rejects you? Do not fret, because there are so many ways you can get involved in the Queen’s and Kingston community without being an executive on a club. 

Are you interested in volunteering in a hospital and seeing what the men and women in white coats’ lives are like? Then the Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital are the perfect places for you. At the Hotel Dieu Hospital, you can serve as a retailer, administrative supporter, front desk manager, or an outpatient clinics team member. While at KGH, the roles available are divided into three general categories: direct patient care, liaison and information, and retail services.  

Another wonderful opportunity that you may wish to consider is volunteering at Martha’s Table Community Program. Martha’s Table is a not-for-profit organization that “provides low-cost nutritious meals to those in need, in a safe and accepting environment.” The organization also provides amenities and services such as haircuts, art classes, computer classes, and counseling. Volunteers are needed to work in the kitchen, drop-in center, and in the dining room. Volunteers are also engaged in the transportation of food and the organization of fundraising events throughout the year. 

Get a part-time job! Not only will you be able to gain some extra cash on the side, but you will also accumulate experiences and knowledge that you would not come across in the classroom. Some part-time jobs that you may want to consider: a tutor, Queen’s Residence House President, barista, restaurant server, cashier, etc.

For all of you who are feeling discouraged by March Hiring, just remember that clubs do not define you. There is so much more out there that you can do, so take the initiative to try out something different and learn something new.