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Feel Good Quaran-Tunes: A playlist for your isolation blues

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this scary time in the world. One thing that is helping me through this pandemic is music. Music helps to express your feelings, but that’s not all music is good for. Music can change moods and heighten your vibrations as well.

When I was growing up, whenever I was in a bad mood or anxious, my mom would tell me to go listen to music that usually makes me feel happy.

Some of you might feel anxious about the future, some of you might be feeling hopeless and some of you might feel lonely while practicing social distancing. All of these feelings are valid and normal when you’re stuck in a house for fourteen days. While on the other hand, some people might be happy that they can stay in bed all day and eat all of their quarantine snacks in one night.  Either way, we’ll all get through this by staying safe and doing our part to stay healthy and keep others healthy. 

Since music is such a huge part of my life and has influenced a lot of my writing, art and daily life, I have made a playlist for anyone who needs some new happy tunes. This playlist has eighty songs with powerful and positive lyrics or a feel-good vibe. Whether you’re in isolation, in need of new music or want to change your mood, this playlist has got you covered. Whatever you are feeling during this time, know that better days are on the horizon. Stay safe!

Kirsten Howard

Queen's U '21

Kirsten Howard is a third year Gender Studies student at Queen's University.
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